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New Bong and 10 Grams of " The Void"

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bigbill, May 9, 2011.

  1. Hey just bought a 16 in glass bong and i need to rip the sac to shreads, what will be the best way for me to smoke this kill out of my new piece? all advice welcomed
  2. pack it in the bowl, light it, suck, inhale.
  3. Get some nice cool water, Load up bowls and rip them, Repeat Second step.
  4. Just take snappers. You'll get greens everytime

  5. Ya i leanin toward snapin this whole bitch... think il get higher snappin or roasting gram bowls?
  6. Hmm not sure dude. Try an experiment. Load up a big bowl and clear it then. Wait til you come down and take the same amount of hits in snappers
  7. Hahah dude once i get smoking i aint coming down till i go to sleep haha bout to take 10 grams to the dome as fast as i can il be back with the results.. by the way my tolerance is higher then yours
  8. Hahaha good luck making it past 10 pm bruh bruh
  9. Small bowls have always seemed more efficient to me. Big torched hits always seem to be wasteful and a let down to me. I don't get noticeably higher from torched bowls than from loading up just enough for one big hit that I burn nice and slow. I say you do a bunch of hits that are big enough to satisfy and make that sack last a good few hours of toking. I always feel like I've been wasteful when I load a few huge bowls when I think of how long I could've stretched it.

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