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New bong, a few questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bassistheshit2, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. So I went to Atlantic city and bought this bong on the boardwalk and there's a few kinks I just wanna work out.

    Anyway to fix the slide? My mom broke it when she moved my luggage and I ran out of money and couldn't replace it. If I do fix it, can I make it shorter in a safe way? It sticks too far out for comfort?
    ......Is there anyway to make my bong look less like a dick?....... I didn't look at it hard enough before I bought it and.........well yeah.

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  2. Super glue for the slide. Then some mighty putty for reinforcement so it wont break in the future. And your just gonna have to suck that dick lol
  3. You could make your bong look less like a dick by not shopping for a bong with your eyes closed.

    Those slides are around 2-3 bucks at smoke shops around my area, so I'm sure you can afford that.
  4. #4 InstaBlaze, Aug 13, 2011
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    I wouldn't use super glue on your bowl, once it gets heated up it would probably emit vapors that you really don't want to be inhaling.
  5. throw it away
  6. I would normally say "I've seen worse bongs" but I dont know this time..
  7. Also! Slides costs 10$ for me and I'd have to go to the city which I'd prefer to not have to do when I could get another cute little piece for 10$ because I really like having lots of pieces.
  8. I broke it exactly like that. I just taped a straw on to replace it. But that's bad for you with long term. I only did that for a day until a bought a new piece
  9. Maybe you could make some origami and tape it on the side of the bong or something! That'd be pretty cool. Maybe some paper penises?

  10. Truth is often harsh.
  11. Well you can look at it this way, if your parents find it they will think you're gay and that its a sex toy instead of getting in trouble for smoking.

  12. This man speaks the truth.

    What did you name it?
  13. Then just put it together and mighty putty it
  14. That bong really does look like a dick man. I feel sorry for you. Just get another cheap bong that doesn't resemble a sex toy so whenever you smoke you don't feel like your giving head haha
  15. I laughed and shook my head after a good 3 second look at it. Inspect the merchandise!!
  16. Hahaha goddamn bro, thank God everyone else thinks that it looks like a penis as well, I thought I had a really dirty mind!

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