New Bong 9mm ADS? How reliable is this?

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    I am in the market for my first bong purchase, and here are some thoughts I'm having. I thought some feedback from the community here at grasscity. My spending range is probably around 100-250

    I am hoping to get a (mostly) clear tube, preferably straight, with a diffused downstem and ice-pinches. I like RooRs and EHLEs but I'm open to other brands as well.

    At the Inner Eye in Montclair I saw a stemless straight tube by Bluedot listed at 275 and assuming I can haggle that down a bit, it still seems a little steep. It's a sexy ass looking bong, but maybe not too practical as my first purchase.

    On craigslist I found a seller who posted an ADS (Amsterdam Design Studios) bong, he says it's 9mm and about 1 1/2 feet (18" I guess). It's frosted with ice-pinches and a beaker bottom.

    The price for that bong is good, 170 OBO, with the way he is replying it seems like he is desperate to sell, he may let it go for about 140. I'll probably offer 125 for it.

    I've searched around for opinions on ADS, and almost every thread seems to have one or two people who hate on them. Maybe I'm just looking for a more consolidated and directed set of opinions, but do you think I should pull the trigger? The picture is below.

    What other brands or shops should I go to to find a bong in my price range? Suggestions are welcome!

  2. I picked up a 14" beaker bottom 7mm glass with diffused downstem made by SYN and a glass ashcatcher bowl for around $150. Might want to check them out. Good luck and post pics when you buy something. :bongin:
  3. Thanks for the good luck =]

    I'd love to buy a SYN, where can I find them around NJ? =T
  4. Not sure. Wish I could help, I live in VA. :wave:
  5. There's no pictures!

    9mm is extremely thick, and 125 for a 9mm bong is a ridiculous price. I say grab it ASAP.:smoking:
  6. post pics of the ADS.

    those stemline blue dots are nice, i bought one as my first bong. it was only 200 though, so 275 is really fucking pricey.

    id look into ehle, or maybe an entry level roor but you will have to shell out some extra cash for a diffused downstem...
  7. Mm..yeah I think I'd pay 200 on the spot for the blue dot, 275 is way too much.

    I want to grab an EHLE, but some of the ones I prefer have a 2-4 week waiting period or are sold out on EDIT. If I buy a roor it might be at a headshop or something, I doubt I'd buy a .de off EDIT.
  8. I just got a 9mm US tubes unit, a little on the pricy side but thats prolly a regional thing. Its very clean and feels darn bombproof.
    They tend to be less common to find but more and more shops have em.

    Also check out Bit Freak Glass - Us Tubes

  9. Kulture?
  10. i would say to go with a weed star, they are the best bang for your buck, you can get a nice one for like 70 dollars or a great one for like 200.

    i included some pics, the first is 230
    and the second is 100 even they have a lot of really amazing deals, pm me for a link to the site i saw these at.

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  11. what part of VA r u from??:smoking:

  12. you're about to get FLAMED. just a heads-up. But I bought a Weed Star (along with a G-Spot, a RooR and an EHLE) off EDIT and just got it this week. I love it.

    But to the OP: You sound like you want a higher-end piece of glass. Weed-Star doesn't fall under this category, but I would still recommend them for a first piece. If it's a name you're looking for, go for an EHLE. There are some nice ones that fit right in your price range available online.

    And to answer your other question: ADS doesn't seem well-known, but if you could get that tube for under 150, with that diffy and a bowl included, and it really is 9mm (ask him if the base is also 9mm) I would most definitely go for it. Looks and sounds sick.
  13. That ADS has a quite distinct resemblance to my EHLE. The frosted top! I love it!

    +rep for the frosted topped bong :smoking:
  14. ya i know haha, but you shouldn't buy anything just for the name, cuz when you knock it over and break it, all you will be left with is a 500$ piece of glass.
  15. Richmond what about you?
  16. hampton

  17. 1 1/2 feet is 12.5" not 18"
  18. orly?
  19. No, not rly. A foot is twelve inches, so 1 1/2 foot is 18 inches.
  20. yeah I be fair I gave the other guy a full minute of thinking to try and comprehend how he got 12.5"...still got 18 in my head.

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