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  1. check it ^^ got it for 30. super thick glass

  2. nice little mini bong i like the double chamber and frit color the bong i blew is colored that way
  3. the one I just sold had literrally the same design, but taller and yellow/orange. Called her sunshine
  4. nice i wanna go buy one 1 a mini bong i can keep under my car seat
  5. not necessarily the best idea i did that and the downstem kinda broke
  6. UPDATE:

    So I decided to put extra specs up. The bong sits at 21cm high and the glass is 6mm thick :)
    The down stem after looking at it closer is joined with the bottom part of the bong, so the wall of the bong works as some kind of percolator. Only problem with that is the bottom of the bong will get dirtier faster. The slide in the picture is a new one i bought. i fit about .5 in it at a time.

    SMOKE REPORT (Strain/Bong):

    I smoked a pinch of some stuff my friend said was called Pink Panther. Looks bright green with a pinkish tint to the buds. Very Frosty. Smells quite fresh and earthy. He is curing a half Oz of it in a jar but he let me take a pinch for my new bong. Surprisingly it tastes a lot like it smells. A grassy, lemon-ish aroma accompanies it. The bong did it justice i believe. I filled the bong with some water from a water bottle I started and packed about .3 in the bowl and let it rip. Because of the doubled up chamber, it packs a punch.

    The high was really heavy. He said it was a hybrid but it knocked me down like an indica.


    Body high: 8/10
    Head high: 4/10
    Taste: 6/10
    Smell: 8/10
    Duration of high: 2hrs.
    Come down: Pleasantly mellow.

    Once he finishes during the rest I'll try getting some pictures.
  7. awe yea its nice!!!!!almost just like mine
  8. nice lil glass bong, i like the cheaper soft glass bongs like that. great for outdoors or smoking with droppers.

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