new bong $67 bucks

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  1. broke my first bong which was like 7.5 inches frosted glass and upgraded to this:


    about 1 foot high with ice kink and perc. I also got an ashcatcher attachment that fits on to it (and it doesnt tip it over like it did with my other bong which is great :))

    so happy. wish I had more than a nickel bag around to smoke
  2. Not bad for the price. :)
  3. I wouldn't pay more than $66 for that thing.

    Seriously though it's what you paid for and it's nice. Where did you get it? I want one to go with my vaporizer and something simple like that is exactly what I had imagined.
  4. yeah bro, i think i'd call that a good deal. i mean as long as it gets you decently high.

    but, where can i get one of those blankets you used as the backdrop? im serious, i want one
  5. It's looks okay to me
  6. I was looking at ROOR's at my local HS, but was sold on a 5mm US made knockoff ice straight tube for $70.

    In a blind taste test, it hits like a ROOR......

    BTW, nice pick up!
  7. lol actually its not my picture but thats the exact same bong as mine. my friend took my camera on a trip so i dont have anything right now.

    i just bought it at the news stand near my house. i'd prob have gotten a better deal if i went to vancouver (about an hour away) but i didnt rly want to bother. I was also looking at a rasta colored roor there same size only it was about 150 bucks so i went for the cheaper option
  8. just get a nice diffused downstem and an ashcatcher that u want and boom ur set.
  9. oh i forgot that the downstem that came with it is also diffused. 3 little slits on both sides. and I have an ashcatcher but it was only 40 bucks so theres no choke or bowl, still pretty good for personal hits. some day ill upgrade but my top priority right now is getting some more bud

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