New bong 50 bucks

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  1. 50 bucks I got it at my local flea market. Ash catcher, difuser, percolator, and ice. Good deal?
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  3. 50 bucks for that is legit, on the shorter side but the ashcatcher and perc easily make up for that.
  4. Yup I would be pleased spending $50 on that.
    Just baby it and it will last forever. :D  
  5. that is a big ass bowl. nice purchase

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    haha wow very ineresting, at a flea market you say? wish they still sold paraphernalia like this at flea markets here...
  7. Congrats on your purchase! Be advised though that you are putting yourself at risk for "Glass Addiction". You may find yourself obsessing over glass that cost 1000's of dollars and the weed starts becoming secondary.  You will need a 12 step program, not for weed but glass.
    Damn where do you live?  Tons of that kind of stuff at flea's around here.  Speaking of I should hit one up this weekend... it's been a while.
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    Do I put a little bit of water in the ash catcher? The ash catcher doesn't have a percolator
  10. Here's a pic with it with water. Is that right? (in the ash catcher)

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  11. Nevermind, I noticed without water, the ash flys everywhere and some gets into the diffuser. But when I put the water it falls on the water, and the ash stays in the ashcatcher
  12. You can put water in your ash catcher but it dosnt have a down stem dipping into the water so it won't bubble when you hit it. But if it keeps your piece clean with water, use it!

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  13. Yea I think that's why it's so big
  14. lol that thing is uggo, you could of got a better piece for less on here
  15. That's the biggest bowl I've ever seen on an ashcatcher. I bet you could stuff over an eighth in there.
  16. hella overpriced.
    if you like it, thats cool i suppose.
    could have gotten a nice C2 or HVY for that price.
    quality boro, not that china garbage...
    you could probably get that piece off the internet for 30 + shipping, by no means overpriced... plus the convenience of getting something NOW has a value within itself instead of fucking with shipping.
    if you calculate it to have $6 shipping, which is a reasonable assumption to make, then that is a 28% increase in price.
    i would consider that to be inflated as fuck.
  19. i agree when going cheap hvy or c2 is the way to go. cudve spent like 10 biucks more on a quality peice. not china garbage
  20. That would be more then $6 to ship.

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