New Bob Marley Bong w/ Ice Catcher

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    Got this at a shell station for $80. It hitsssss.


    Here's a vid of me ripping it:

    [ame=""]YouTube- Bob Marley Bong Rip[/ame]
  2. Very classy
  3. i wouldn't call a rubber gromet tube like that...bought at a gas station classy, nor would i pay 80 for a non gong tube, but thats just me. nice tube, just don't agree with the post above me.
  4. Haha. I have seen that same piece at two headshops where I live for a lot cheaper. sorry dude.
  5. wait shell station?as in the gas station?

  6. ^ answered.
  7. ive never seen any paraphernalia a a gas station wtf?
  8. looks sick to me. Nice milk vid
  9. nice pick up a bit steep on the price, but hey its gunna get you ripped for a long time and 80 bucks aint shit in the long run. Haha yea some of the more shady gas stations will carry some cheap spoons, scales, etc. Although i have never seen a bong sold out of a gas station lol
  10. I would pay 80 for it decent price and nice rip:wave:
  11. Hey bud this is glass.
  12. Looks to be GonG, but the downstem is held in with a rubber grommet. The slide looks like it has a GonG connection with the downstem though.

  13. and..................:confused_2:

    I never said it wan't.
  14. Glass drama is drama.

    Have fun milking your brand new bong fellow blade :hello:
  15. Ah sorry man I was ripped and thought you meant it wasnt glass. :eek:

  16. oh man thier all over florida xD

    i love those places.

    pick up a sweet bubbler or something for like 5$
  17. If you've never seen paraphernalia at a gas station, you need to take a step outside of your gated community and spend some time with working people... lol.
  18. There is a 5 foot bong at the local gas station by my place.
  19. Okay well good thing this is GonG, then?
    A few of the gas stations near me sell grinders and scales but there's a shell like 30 minutes away that sells GonG tubes.

  20. This. Great bong, awesome milk. Make it last a while and it'll be worth every penny!

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