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New Blunts In Pa

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ineedit, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. I don't know if their out anywhere else or we were just slow on getting them but yesterday at our 'tabacco shop' they had WATERMELON PHILLIES. 2 boxes of 5 for 1. They are NIIIIICE. Phillise here are 99% stale but these are Fresh as shit, smell n taste amazinly. Nice smooooth smoke. I'll b blazin em 4 a while. Thought I'd share. 1
  2. They're aren't really new. Phillies suck though.
  3. they taste like cardboard
  4. It's all about the White Owls dude... but I know what you mean. Around here the phillies are dry as fuck because we live at such a high altitude (1 mile above sea level). Enjoy those.
  5. they have strayberry phillies at the store by my house havent tried them yet but then sound good
  6. the strawberry phillies are alright but after my weekend i NYC i really dont like phillies. All i want are some damn honey dutchies like i really want one like now.
  7. its the same thing here in WV, they just started selling them and they're really good, i prefer white owls but if not then deff a watermelon philly

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