***New BlueDot Stemless with hook perc MILK VID***

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    I recently bought a new bong for myself. i bought it from my LHS. It is a Blue dot Stemless with a diffused downstem. it also has a hook perc.
    Let me just say this thing Rips:bongin::bongin::bongin::bongin::bongin:
    Sorry but you have to click the link to see the milk video because i didn't know how to embed it.
    Let me know what you guys think

    Milk Video!!!!!!!!
  2. sick worked sections! and nice milk:D
  3. thanks man it hits so smooth.
  4. bumpppppppppppp.
  5. Dude I've seen some Blue Dot stuff but nothin like that. Sick sick stuff. I'd like to know more about the hook perc though?

  6. ya ditto on the hook perc
  7. If the hook was a circ that would be sick
  8. the hook perc just has holes on the outside of it for the smoke to go through.
  9. Nice bong man. Thing is huge!

  10. thanks man. I didnt even realize how big it was until i got it home. Im fine with it now though.:bongin:

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