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New Blue Dot Prototype I picked up

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by StonedWallKid, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. I live in Vegas and live right next to a really cool smoke shop with a really cool chick that works there. Anyway she hooked me up with this natrually filtered tube for $85 and she threw in a free incense holder;) she said they are testing how they sell before they start bluedotting them up... anyway here she is

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  2. thats dope. ive been wanting a natural perc bong... Blue dot has made them with the blue dots too
  3. cool tube but...
    1.) how does it naturally filter
    2.) you have some fucked up ice :p
    3.) nice buy
  4. Yeah, the "naturally filtered" dealio is starting to kick in popularity wise. I remember when that shit was underground. God damn glass industry, shits tripped out. Nice piece of glass thro bro. Hook us upw ith some details. Glass thickness? downstem diameter? some milk shots?

    I've always been a big blue dot fan, never acquired one myself tho, I stick with KC and ROOR mostly. It's the real thing. The thing is no matter what any company makes, KC and custom make the same thing. Makes it hard to switch, especially when it's local.

    Cheap as fuck on the tube to, I can't remember the last time I spent less than $250 on a piece.
  5. glass is pretty thin... its my first nicer glass piece so i dunno 3.5 maybe? I didnt ask she didnt say. The grommet or whatever its called is 14.5

    It hits great until the ice melts into the fucked up ice catcher then it blocks the air a little. but the chick at the shop blows glass and said she would make me a glass screen to slide in to keep that from happening.

    I have a vid of a milk shot but my face is in it... is that safe to show? I mean i was only smoking tabaco out of it:rolleyes:
  6. I'd say it's safe to show....not like anyones gonna waste their time trying to bust you for smoking tobacco lol.....I cant really see the pic, and when i click on it, it just reloads the page....idk whats wrong with m browser, but w/e it looks nice from what i can see lol
  7. Haha, people get all sketch about showing their face on an herb blazing forum. And sure, theoretically it's sketch. But it's not like it's a picture of you, with your grow and a caption with your address inside the united states. Millions upon millions of people smoke herb in the US, they can't bust em like this. Haha, let's see the milk bro. I bet you look exaaaactly like about 50,000 other people.
  8. Nice glass, yea lets see the vid.
  9. K its proccessing on youtube. My camera sucks and started recording after its already all milked up... but you get the idea..

    and thanks for all the positive feedback
  10. I checked out that video, Try to correct those links. They're all fucked up, but either way, congratulations, that was milkier than the milk this tool I knew once drank for breakfast. I never got into the natural percs, idk why... but I just perfer the dome and tree percs. I only own dome percs, but ya'll 'll see, I'll grab a tree perc soon.
  11. I have no idea what you all mean natural percs.... a perc is an attachment that acts as another bong in the chamber, that does not filter a second time.....

    But that's some sick glass man.
  12. I agree with you on the perc prefrence. though i have to say stonewallkid that was a good buy, nice piece.
  13. sick binger mang...that must be nice to live in vegas
  14. what is this naturally filtered stuff? someone fill me in please.

    It looks nice though, but yeah I can see how the ice can clog up that hole, she didnt use ice notches she used a ice hole lol, never seen that before.

    Thats cool she will blow you a glass screen though, will make it a lot better.
  15. It just means, that it's a stemless bong. Normally you'd have to use a downstem to force the smoke through the water, in this case the smoke has no other choice, due to the special design of the bong.
  16. That is a great looking bong you got there I love the design on the bottom
  17. its just a stemless, not a perc tube.
  18. Nice glass man! Looks like it hits pretty hard. /jealous :cool:

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