New Blue Dot 9mm single perc

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  1. how much would you guys pay for this? it's a bluedot 9mm single perc with a vortex ice catcher kinda thing.

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  2. That base is super thin looking. 80-100?
  3. id say more than that, but they are a cheaper brand
  4. Not more than 175....
  5. Damn, just saw the tree, so I guess 150..?
  6. Id pay like 175 after tax
  7. No one cares what you guys would have paid. Nice pick up OP, let's see some MILK!

  8. Lmao..... The OP was asking us what we would pay. Next time try reading the thread before making your self sound like a idiot.
  9. Id say about 2 since its 9mm but im sure its much more
  10. I'm sure the tag was asking like 225, I'd talk it down to like 180 before pulling the trigger. looks like it'd be nice to have for big group seshes.
  11. I paid 250 for it. Bottom is actually thick glass
  12. ^ nice advertising jack ass. Support your lhs over rah4u

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