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Discussion in 'General' started by Superjoint, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. hey hey I wanna be a pop starrrrrrr!!!

    LOL good shit never seen that before

    and I think the blog is awesome man! thanks!
  2. so you claim.
  3. Awesome news! I have been waiting for this, thank you very much! :D
  4. I'm the 3rd person in all of G.C. to make a blog, and the first person to comment ANY blog in the new blogging feature!

    random, I know. :smoke:
  5. lol. I thought it said new "bonging" features at GC and got excited. im still mad stoned. what is a blog?
  6. So whenever I click on someone's blog thing it says I don't have permission to see it. Wassup with that, yo?
  7. Awsome,

    I remember voting on this- or maybe just posting our opinions a while back. I was going to ask about it a few days ago but forgot.

    Thanks SJ


    Did you guys notice- blog entries comes up below your post count- check out SJ's, its pretty funny.
  8. it's a bug in the system, we are working on it.....

    people who make blog should make there blogs set to public viewing, in their blog settings (for now until the bug isnn't fixed)

  9. I am going to bump this so all the people who voted positively in the poll have a chance to see it. :)

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