new blink 182

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  1. enjoy

  2. I really like this album, their last one was absolute shit. I saw an interview with them saying they felt as though this was their best album yet.
  3. Such a good album, they'll always be my favorite band. Can't believe they went from Neighborhoods to this.. so fucking goooood.
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    [ame=]Blink-182 - Pretty Little Girl - YouTube[/ame]

    This is actually a pretty good song. The rapping part towards the end is eh but i can look past it. I like what follows it. They prob won't try the rap thing again.

    But honestly this whole minialbum is pretty good.
  5. Completely agree with everything you said, favorite song on the album minus the rap

  6. Quote that quote.

    The chorus in When I Was Young gets me as well. It's so good!

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