New Black Label RooR

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  1. I bought it yesterday, cost me $375, and I broke the downstem already :(. I'm going to get a new one with Diffusers on Saturday.


  2. They sold a $375 roor with no diffuser? Whatever at least its a broken downstem instead of a diffuser.. nice Roor anyway. :D
  3. Sorry to tell you man, but you coulda haggled the guy down a bit.
  4. In the first pic is that your buddy hitting it?
  5. honestly, all your threads, either you are completely a spaz and cannot touch glass without breaking it, or you think its cool to tell people that you break expensive things, because i can tell you, its not cool to break expensive things, it just makes you an asshole.
  6. I have the same one but yellow label, click my sig to check it out. How much was the tube alone? and what is the glass thickness?
  7. Yea I read one of his threads earlier how they broke a $4500 bong or some shit like dat. Personally I think this kid makes shit up, For what reason i have no idea.
  8. I swear to god I haven't made anything up, and I can get pictures if they're needed.
  9. lol no its not needed..those guys are what we call "forum trolls"

    sick roor man :smoking:

  10. lol that post makes u sound like an asshole
  11. wow, i wish i could find a black label roor beaker bottom with ice notches online =[
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  13. Awesome tube man!
  14. if you broke the down stem after only one day, you shouldnt have the honor of owning quality glass.
  15. Nice black label beaker.

  16. yea pics of the illadelph or it didn't happen
  17. good find southern!
  18. That looks like a very nice deck and comfortable patio furniture.

  19. Okay that's fine, I probably wouldn't believe it either haha.

    Ill post an update with the pictures in this thread either some point this week or next weekend.
  20. dope bong...i can get one cheaper in FL though

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