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New bill on the floor: FEMA plans for mass fatality in US

Discussion in 'Politics' started by lilro, Oct 5, 2012.

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    True. The oil boom.

    But we are probably thinking differently lol. I get what you mean.

    Edit: we'll have to see how it turns out :p
  2. I've always thought FEMA concentration camp conspiracies didn't make sense because
    the business elite wouldn't be too found of having their customer base wiped out. Who are they going to sell beer and pizza and football to if Americans are killed off en masse? ...The Chinese?

  3. I mean if we literally have to change the fucking DNA of plants in order to have enough food to feed everyone and save 1 billion people from starvation, I'm pretty sure we're past the natural tipping point of human population.
  4. It's slavery, not genocide. The only people that will die are the people who fight back. The rest will fall in line.

  5. I'm Sorry man...I may have to disagree here. Monsanto operates under the guise of providing quality food in mass production, to satiate the growing demand for food all over the world.

    There is no shortage of food, this is simply another industry, "big food" if you will, lobbying and forcing their way in for control. And to go a little deeper down the rabbit hole, there is a eugenics plot behind this food. Think about it, of all countries, does the worlds most powerful superpower NEED genetically modified food to feed the masses? No. And we are one of only a handful of countries that produce, let alone refuse to label this food. Why? To provide food for us? Nope, profit and depopulation. This stuff have only been widely available for 20 years or so, and we are just beginning to see some of the long term effects of it.

    Research Indicates That GMO Could Be a Cause of Infertility

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eilDbdLAyFs]Farmer feeds GMO corn to his pigs: they all become sterile. - YouTube[/ame]

  6. I wouldn't say we got over populated. We got over energized as a species. The industrial revolution certainly impacted the total CO2 output by our species. How could it not, they were burning coal and wood like a boss for over 300 years!

    A large body of people significantly increased the concentration of CO2 while also destroying the recycler of CO2 (trees) during the industrial revolution.

    There is a difference from maximum number and what is sustainable. We don't need large labor forces because factories are increasingly becoming more mechanized. Population growth declines during bad economies. Once we get back to a stable balance, our economy will improve.

    I think our own natural selection process (economy) caused us to max out already.
  7. What will the nature of the slavery be? Are we doing manual labor until death? If they're just enslaving people and not committing genocide I don't see why they need all those supposed coffins.

    And if they are committing genocide why bother with the coffins? In many historical genocides they just throw the bodies in mass graves the victims themselves dug. In North Korea's concentration camps they just let the bodies rot a small distance from the camp. Are they just letting bodies decay in the coffins without burying them? Seems kinda inefficient to me.
  8. 'America' and 'inefficient' go hand in hand. Take a look outside.

  9. I know gmos aren't good for you and I don't eat them myself, but all the evidence points to mass amounts of people starving if it wasn't for gmos.

    If you have studies disproving that thesis and can show that organically grown produce and naturally fed and raised livestock can feed the current population, I'd be glad to take a look.
  10. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwJaLFMf7IA]The Venus Project - Future By Design - YouTube[/ame]

    also blade i am curious
    if it was you who said a few posts back about having a garden full of delicious healthy veggies,
    im curious
    how to grow it organically with out any chemicals but at the same time keeping that bugs out ...?
  11. I seriously doubt massive deaths are going to happen.

    I'm sure it's just a precaution to disasters.

    Instead of dead bodies stinkin up the place, store it neatly! Makes us look good to other nations.
  12. Thats what they told the Jews while boarding the trains.
  13. I guess this is what they call survival of the fittest
  14. The earth can sustain about 2 billion people that live and consume like the average american.
  15. [quote name='"dubaba"']The earth can sustain about 2 billion people that live and consume like the average american.[/quote]

    Where do you people come up with this shit?
  16. People been saying its over populated ever since and the world has got only 20 years for like the last 50.
  17. over populated or not we are in for a crazy ride.

    can we all agree on that at least?
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    This is all part of the NWO.

    Technocrats are always on and on about overpopulation.

    Stand against technocracy and new world order.
  19. [quote name='"DrLingIsKing"']This debate about overpopulation has been going on for a while, its nothing new, some people say the planet can sustain 10 billion, some say its already overpopulated.

    Thomas Robert Malthus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/quote]

    It's all eugenics driven.

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