New benzo pickup.

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  1. Got some valium (G), bars (C), and just under 30 Flexeril. A apologize for the shitty webcam pics.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. props on the AC/DC tshirt.

    nice pickups i wish i had some benzos
  3. whatchu gonna do with those flexerils eh?:confused:
  4. I dunno, pop one or two if my back is real tight every now and then, but sometimes a take a few to potentiate opiates.
  5. Look at those SEXY valium.

    SEXY SEXY Valium.
  6. Um.

  7. ok cool, i was hoping you werent gonna be hella dumb and tell me how high you were gonna get..

    but potentiatin opies sounds good to me brotha! have fun!:smoke::smoke:
  8. Nah I still got some marbles left brah. Now all I need is the opiates. hehe
  9. Don't mean to double post but I just found the ten fucking valium I lost. Hot damn, today's a nice day after all. :hello:

  10. ^ Look at those sexy valium.

    Id use those before any other drug on the face of the planet.

    Unless you give me some Diazapam Ampules then I'll just mainline it.
  11. Just popped 6, I'll see where that leads me. Normally I have to take alot to get anywhere.
  12. MMMMMMM Bars. I wish they had a drooling emoticon.
  13. I just wish I didn't have to take so many with no tolerance for them to do anything to me.
  14. I hear ya. I have no benzo tolerance so when I take a bar I am fuuuuucked up
  15. Natural tolerance is indeed a bitch.
  16. Does weight effect how benzos are gonna work. Cause i'm 5'11 and 145 and like I said I get fucked off of 2 mg. Also are thier any potentiators for benzos other than weed. Last week I took a bar and wasnt fucked up about an hour later I go out to smoke and after I finished the bowl I was all sorts of fucked up.
  17. Benzos are used generally to potentiate other things, but opiates and benzos go very well together, but are very dangerous too.

    I'm 138 lbs. and 5'11 and a bar will do nothing to me.
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    you make me jealous


  19. That was your 420th post, heh.
  20. Thats crazy we are practically the same height and weight and a bar will fuck me up and do absolutly nothing to you. I got a question tho? Do you take benzos alot or are you just naturally tolerant to them?

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