New Bengal Kitteh

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    HEY!!!! i am getting a baby Bengal kitten in about 2 weeks (paid deposit waiting until they are old enough) and obviously i came to the city to help brainstorm some cool exotic names/pothead names.

    Not really a pothead name but my GF and I were obsessed with the T.V show House for a while and she wants to name it "Kutner" while this isn't the worst name i know we can do better

    HALP P.S (cat is a male)
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    I had to google bengal kittens because you got me all excited about seeing a pic of here. I'll share with everyone...


    Awwwwww kitten. I dunno what you should name it...

    I'd name him Chief.
  3. jealous, i love bengal's !!!
  4. i have a pic, but i dont wanna post it yet as the kitten is not yet in my possession (out of respect for the breeder).

    But believe me pics will be posted as soon as he gets home (in about a week and a half)

    thanks for the pic!!!
  5. Chesterfield the Third.

    In style
  6. here is another pic i found on google. not a kitten but a older bengal
  7. wtf is that real?
  8. Name him Beans! :p Beans is a wonderful joyful name for a cat that will be in "aww" for many people.

    Beans was also the to accomplish on "Porky & Beans" a favourite child-hood Looney-Toons character of mine. Just never got around to naming it because i never thought of it. :p If it looks like a Beans then it shall be Beans :p


  9. yes..
  10. dude name him tony t.
  11. [​IMG]

    you should get one of these instead
  12. Name that little beast master Simba.
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    I came into this thread expecting you to get one of these. lol, kinda dissapointed.


  14. Sensi



  15. name him nuggets

  16. i 100% agree with this man.
  17. Name him Neo,but honestly cats never come when called

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