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  1. so you my have noticed my posting slowed down from a crawl to a dead stop recently not that i posted much to begin with

    its cuz i had some troubles with my parents and theres been alot of fighting and a lot of me not being home

    well finally im moving out

    i got an apartment in town where i live im turning 19 in january and will be entering my senoir year of highschool

    i have about 15,000 dallors in saving from two years and my dad will help me out cause its really only my mom im in conflict with with the apartment is ashit hole a bed and a stove and a toilet its 300 dallors a month.

    i have a minimum wage job as a waiter.

    money is gonna be tight

    and my scholarship money my mom wont hand over for college which means i have to do good in wrestling this year to see if i can get a scholar ship

    a friend of mine may move in with me and well spilt the rent

    it's so much freedom and so much responsiblity i dont think im ready for it but what ever

    at least that land lord is cool and i know he smokes cause he's got a leaf decal on his truck

    so i bet itll be cool

    so heres my new begining please light up for me and give some advice much love:smoking::smoking::smoking:
  2. Budget, Budget, Budget! First thing I suggest doing is to make yourself a budget, then do some online research and find some good foods that are healthy and cheap to make. These may not be healthy but here are some things I've come up with because within a month I'll be in the same boat as you are.
    -Ramen noodles
    -Shells and cheddar
    -Mac and cheese
    -Peanut butter and bananna sandwich
    -Beans and wieners
    -Tortillas +Can of beans +chese= burrito
    -Canned fruits
    -Tuna Fish
    -Frito+chili +cheese= frito pie
    -Potatoes- fried potatoes, baked potatoes, etc HASH BROWNS
    -Ghetto pizza- toast, sauce, cheese, pepperoni
    -Grilled Cheese
    -Pepperoni Pie
    In bottom of 9-inch pie plate, combine an 8-oz. package of shredded mozarella cheese, and about 1/2 cup of diced pepperoni. In a medium bowl, beat 5 eggs and 3/4 cup milk until well-blended. Pour over mixture in pie plate. Bake for 25 minutes or until knife inserted in center comes out clean. Add some bread and you have a delicious, light meal.
    -Generic Cereal!!!!

    I hope that helps to get you started. Make yourself a bill, insurance, food, necessities, and liesure category for your budget and break it down so you know how much money you have. I would also suggest throwing a bit from each check into savings if you can afford it. And, as you know, hustle your ass as a waitor to make that money! I hope anything I've said was to help you in some way. Peace, and I'll rip one up for ya.
  3. thanks i knew i had to buy food but ur post reminded me i need to buy a mini fridge cause this place doesnt have any kuckyly it has free wireless and basic cable im a made man

    im thinking of investing ym savings and making it grow now and leave it in an untouchible category of my bank account

    then for the next few months live off my tips and dads help till i can open a checkin account

    ohh and du u think telling colleges about this chapter of my life could help my cause?
  4. Check in the "free" section for well free stuff!

    There is TONS of it, everything from fridges, furniture sometimes even food!
  5. Keep your priorities straight, and don't put yourself in a situation where you're forced to ask your mother for help.

    If you're responsible, you'll be able to enjoy your new freedom. If not, you won't get to experience it for long.

    Good luck, man.
  6. Financially, yeah, tell your college, but otherwise they don't want to hear a "pity story". I'm DEFINATELY NOT saying that's what you are trying to do, at all, but its honestly just business between you and the college. They want your money, and you want their degree. Definately inform them that money is tight, and to what extent, but don't inform them of personal personal stuff outside of a financial situation. I hope that helps, I dunno, I just vaped a good one.

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