new begginer and first growing please help ?

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  1. hay iam anew begginer and this is my first try to grow

    i have
    marijuana seeds
    compost soil
    peat moss soil

    and first i tried to grow in peatmoss only after germination but failed and the seed get all out of the soil when i was watering it

    my second try i made a soil mix
    1/2 compost
    1/2 peatmoss
    1/2 pertile

    and i put the seed in without germination and waiting for results i want to grow organically
    am i doing it right this time ?
    what your advice for me ?

  2. I don't thinks it's a good idea to start in a compost

    Compost is very hot and could burn the seedling.

    Switch from compost to a soil mix.
  3. ENG101 & MAT101

    I recommend starting with the paper towel germination. Sprouts faster and you'll be able to see it's progress.

    Plate. Dampen a napkin. Put seeds inside. Fold napkin to cover seed. Cover napkin with another plate. Leave the plate in a dark area. Like Viking said, don't start with compost. Try to get an actual soil mix.
  4. I agree with this. I have had a couple seeds break their roots in Rockwool.

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  5. but
    what you suggest instead of compost ?


  6. what you suggest to use instead of compost ?
  7. For organic everyone tells me subcools super soil.
  8. My 2 cents, put the seeds in some mild soil from the store and keep it damp. I've had a 100% germination rate by just doing it the old fashioned way. Mild soil is something without fertilizer added. A small bag of potting soil would be fine. I don't believe that paper towel method sprouts faster, you're just able to see it sprout. Which is only good if you're impatient. Planting it in anything but the medium that you're growing in will raise the risk of damage to your little sprout when you do move it to soil. Totally unnecessary risk in my opinion.
  9. I start mine in compost and don't get problems. There are a ton of different brands of compost, some are better than others, look for something light and fibrous and add plenty of perlite
  10. Go look at my grow sir, I use an all inclusive mix that is recommended in the book "big yields, smells spaces" by Read Spear. It's called scientific soils [​IMG]

    So far so good, I let them sit in water for 24 hours and put them in that soil and bam all 3 are sprouted and ready to go [​IMG]

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