New beat tape i made "reverted soul"

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  1. WHat's up grasscity fam! I just put out a new beat tape i've been working on for a minute. if you guys could listen to it and give me some feedback that'd be great.

    also, if any one wants to rap on these or anything, go ahead! just make sure to give me production credit on the track.

    Here's the linkage:
    orbit debars
  2. Vicious laugh is ridiculously good.

    Nicotine dreams needs much thicker and more prominent drums. Also, the drums need to carry the melody a little bit more.


    I like your use of reverb, but i think your drums in general should be more layered you should turn your hi-hats down in the mix (in some songs they sound way too loud).


    Depression in August is really interesting. Great rhythm and overall melody. During the change where the reverse sample comes in it would be cool if the drums just COMPLETELY changed, so it would really be a whole different chapter of the song.

    Same Story Different Ryhme goes hard. I like it a lot. I think placing a snare with gated reverb on every 8th snare or so would sound really cool and give some more dimension to the drums, but overall this is really great.

    Forlorn Horn is dope and would sound incredibly ill with some busta rhymes acapella samples in there. It would add a lot of hype to the beat that I think could bring it to the next level.

    Go Forth in July is crazy. Definitely something I would spontaneously start flowing to. But.... Whats up with your snare man? Get something with a tighter decay, more snap to it, layer a clap over it, something could be such a banger with a better snare and a kick with more pop to it (less boom and more high-end). Try layering a poppy kick over your regular kick and maybe re-think the snare.

    Horse Races is amazing and reminds me of something Madlib would produce (huge compliment). The bassline is so menacing and the layered voices in the back ground add SO MUCH. Again, some Busta samples would be great.

    Burn Slow Outro is a great way to end the mixtape.

  3. thanks a LOT for the critique man. i will definitely keep this in mind in my future works, and will go back and try to rework some of the tracks as well!!

    [ame=]Madlib - Enter... Hot Curry - YouTube[/ame]

    ^ The "ruh ruh" and "yo yo" samples are what I'm talking about.
  5. Hey man I would like to work.....whats your social link up mane?
  6. sounds really good, youre drums need sum work though, listen to dilla and try get inspired by how he chooses the right sounds for each song

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