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    So my gf decided to hook it up on a new piece this year. She surprised me last night with this ~12" tall water pipe and ash catcher. I don't know too much about modern glass. Its a Phire Legacy Mega Frothilator (based on sticker description). The catcher is Phire as well. Cant find anything really similar to this peice, other than a mini Toro which is smaller, to get some feedback on it. Let me know what you guys think about Phire, this piece, and what you would pay for it.

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  2. Don't know anything about the company but that is a beautiful piece there! And as for pricing I have never bought a table bubbler/bong (I call it table bubbler because the mouth piece reaches up from the table for you as opposed to holding it) but I honestly see that in the 300-400 dollar range. Maybe more.
  3. that is a nice piece.

    you got a keeper!
  4. nice happy birthday man , my birthdays today to

  5. Happy Birthday!
  6. Wow, that's a nice looking piece. I've seen the brand before, but it sure as hell anything like this! It was a beaker with tree percs I believe, wasn't my style but didn't seem terrible.

    Your girlfriend really hooked it up! I would think it's easily in the $400 range with the tube and ashcatcher.
  7. Solid pick up! Happy birthday as well.
  8. nice piece man, happy bday as well
  9. Hollaaaa shes a keeper.
  10. i've had a phire tripple percd bong before, they are good. that piece looks like it easily cost 250+. nice present happy bday
  11. Thanks for the comments everyone. Incase anyone cares this is what I am upgrading from. 12mm slide Ive had for over 10 years and paid nothing for.

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  12. I'd say thats a pretty good upgrade
  13. damn that's a sick bubbler. Mind asking her where she picked it up from? i'd really like to buy one.
  14. That shit looks so brutal man!
  15. Marry her right now!!!! haha

    thats a sick piece!
  16. Damn man your girl is fucking awesome, that is a cool ass piece
  17. I wish my girlfriend would get me a beauty like that. Hope you gave her the proper love for it. Haha, have fun with it man. Awesome piece.

  18. It was bought from a local HS here on the Southern Cali Coast (Hermosa Beach).

    Im pretty excited to get this and yeah my girl always gets the proper love :D

    BTW if anyone has any good suggestions for a skillet or a nice dome/nail piece I would like to get into concentrates.
  19. DoYouDab Titanium Nail, double 14mm male adapter, pacificglassgallery and pick a cool worked dome out. Or a skillet. Up to you really.

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