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New Batch

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Cali_Toker, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. heres what the batch i just bought last night looks like. Wish i had a nice digital camera like woody cause my scanner dosent do ms mary any justice. Anyways , pretty good dank. Lots of crystals, real strong dank smell to it. Accidently left the whole batch in my car and it was nice and sunny today so the herb got a lil dried up from sittin in the car but luckily i remember before it was too late. Normally $90 for a quarter but like i normally do i traded some burnt cds to get a $25 disount, so 65 for the whole quarter (i love my cd burner).

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  2. a closeup.................

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  3. very nice weed i should get some of that caliber this weekend
  4. fuckin A man...i'm moving out to Cali. yeah right, i wish. u know if they got good stuff in Escondido? thats where my sister live.
  5. Nice bud Cali. What strain is that? Looks like some kind of sativa...
  6. ak47: no clue man i dont know where thats at. Since livin in california though its been my experiance that there is more bomb bud than there is swag so im guessin theres good bud where she lives.

    magic guy: no clue i didnt buy it from a clinic i just bought it from a buddy, if i bought it from the clinic id know cause they label their shit.
  7. Oh yes, very good bud in So. Cal. indeed, and the best part is that its easier to get than cigs or alcohol as a minor in Los Angeles =)
  8. holy crap..... I just got a qp of stuff thats exactly the same....

    Very light and fluffy, everything size wise is doubled in volume and its pretty potent..... taste delicious too..
  9. its bud like that that brings tears to my eyes

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