new batch of blueberry

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by ludachris, May 10, 2004.

  1. damn im blazed

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  2. gonna go hit the bong, stay high everyone

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  3. u lucky, i got absolutely nothing right now, gonna score some hasjis tomorrow, but id rather have your weed :D
  4. does it burn fast???

  5. no, its pretty sticky, lotta crystal coverage

  6. done :)
  7. Dont mean to ruffle feathers with this, but are you sure thats blueberry? I aint sayin it doesnt look good and dank, but it just doesnt look like the blueberry Ive ever seen. Usually its blueish or purple with lots of red hairs...
  8. ^ yes bro, i know the grower. and ive never had blueberry that was blue. Go look at , its a Dutch site, where theyve tested and rated buds that are available in coffe shops in holland. look at every single blueberry there and u wont find any purple or blue buds. if there was a way to post the smell and taste of it, u would believe me
  9. yip, looks like blueberry to me, mine was not blue either, it's just supposted to have a taste/hint of blueberries..........if it's grown outdoors in a cold climate at night, it has been known to go a hue of purple/blue.........even during veg, at the moment, mine have looked blue/purple at times due to my growroom dropping to near 50 at night...........Peace out........Sid

  10. Its not that I dont believe you, just the bb we got around here is very purple. The smell and taste are much more important then the looks though...

    A buddy of mine grows a strain of it outta humboldt county, its so purple. All the buds are a dark shade of purple covered in dark red hairs... looks like artwork man... fucking awesome shit. just deferent genetics I guess.
  11. *Growls at Smoke_The_Dank*

    I live in the same damn state as you and I can't find a single purple nug!

    We did have some blueberry roll through town not too long ago, didn't have any purple or blue at all. It was dank as hell though.

  12. 404 blue berry not found

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