new band to listen to wile smokein

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by snoochey booche, Oct 25, 2003.

  1. yea i just started to listen to this band wile smokein... and its the shit... they got the stoner beat

    ther the transplants

    if u download ane of their songs download tall cans in the air... its the best song to smoke to
  2. allright ill hold you to that ill dl it soon and tell ya what i think .But to let you know im into the kinda stuff like
    System of a down ,ICP, Twizted ,Abk, and punk rock.
  3. dling.....

    chronic u the man! i luv punk-rock!

    oh btw i aint high but this aint my type of muz :p
  4. yea... i listen to everythin like punk is the best but none of that soft pussy pop punk shit... i like the ones who havent selled out...

    like i meen look at blink, they wer madd good but they sold out and started soundin like every other pop punk band

    we loose all the good ones

    but the main reason i like the transplants it kuz they got a unique sound.... i like anethin unique... millencolin, anti flag, hubastank, the vines ect ect anethin that has a good sound y aknow... i dont listen to music because everyone else likes it... i listin to what i think has a good sound ya know i also just started listinin to allot more hardcore...
  5. im not mad im just stateing my view on music in general

  6. yea thats the only reason anyone SHOULD listen to music but since the stuff on television is considered "cool" i guess thats how it'll always be, haha i wanna see them start playin barney and teletubbies songs all chopped n screwed i bet people will be like "yea that stuff is awesome!! i'm buyin the album!"

    haha but hey i think thats why we all smoke weed, cuz we dont give a fuck what the rest of the world thinks its all about us and wat were into.

  7. chronic420 be a juggalotus..........magick magick ninjas whut (there is a tight remix by some juggalos on kazza of that^)
    its got the another one bites the dust beat to it

  8. 1. you don't listen to bands that haven't sold out. millencolin does not count, they suck...

    2. "blink" , what i assume you use to initialize blink 182, was NEVER good and they ALWAYS sounded like every other pop punk band.

    3. "i also just started listinin to allot more hardcore... "

  9. The drummer from blink182 and Tim Armstrong from Rancid are in the transplants I believe..

  10. wow thats harsh u CANT juge ppl's taste in music how can u say he doesnt know anything about hardcore by reading ONE tiny post he wrote?? hard to believe i really used to like Anto-flag but kinda got bore , i think. I love Marilyn Manson , disturbed, guttermouth, NoFX and lots more but i dont diss any type of music, even if i dont listen to them. People have the right to listen to what they want and to like anything they want without being insulted for it. How would you feel if a total stranger came to you and said the music u like sucked and u knew nothing about it? anyways just saying....

    ...i also like ska its souds so happy when i'm high :D

    i never really loved blink 182 but they dont sound terrible i just wouln't listen to em by myself. I personnaly think "pinguins and polarbears" from millencolin is fairly good.

    also a weird song i like is "gorillaz" by Clint Eastwood but u gotta get the video too i think its funny and has a nice bouncy rythm :)

    well have fun smokin and listening to music guys!

  11. thats fucked

    HARDCORE LIFESTYLE: a bunch of rich, spoiled, orange county kids who wear dark clothes, dye their hair black and get really unisex haircuts, going to a bunch of shows while they still have mommy and daddys money to spend

    (sorry, it's just that the last show i went to before i moved here had a bunch of the forementioned give me shit because i wasn't wearing the proper hardcore listener's attire, and was thusly dubbed a "bro")

    i am into alot of different knids of music, if i personally like the way it sounds, i listen to it

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