New bag!! *Pics*

Discussion in 'General' started by AimedForDeath, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. Well here she is in all 'er glory! Looks like she weighs out.

    ...In all reality, these are the best chips you'll ever eat, i highly suggest them, 'Garden Salsa' Sun Chips. amazing.


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  2. I thought talking bout weed not fucking chips dawg
  3. Thats the idea. I thought it was funny as hell though. I like cheddar and regular. Never had garden salsa.
  4. Cheddar sun chips are the bomb dude. Never had the garden salsa one though.
  5. I dont like sun chips.

    My fav chips ever are Frito's Chilli and Cheese. Then Dorito Nacho Cheesier and those Cheddar and Cream ones, Forgot by who. Lays i think.
  6. Dude, who cares if you don't like Sun Chips, you need to try these. They are amazing. Wow!

  7. right now im just munching on some cheetos and drinking dr.pepper. this stuff is only tasty while high.

    dr.pepper usually sucks IMO. lol
  8. I was so disappointed when i saw a bag of chips but then i read your post about three time then finally got it and laughed my ass off damn im stoned:smoke:
  9. Me as well brotha, it's ok. I'm sorry about the confusion, I was being a smug asshole :wave:.

  10. God I love sun chips..yummy
  11. Salt & Vinegar anything.....ill eat it
  12. nice bag man:D
  13. Yeah man, I bought those the other day because my girlfriend wanted to try them. They're really really good. Nice and different flavor. Plus, Sun Chips are great in general.
  14. French Onion Sun Chrips fuckin rcok!
    i've never tried garden alsa though. if i wasnt so drunk id drive to the newarest gas station and get some.

    p.s. i need weed now.

    edit: after i posted i realized how many typo's i had made but i dont feel like correcting them so i edit4ed my post
  15. Looks like a fat sack. I like Sun chips. The New Spicy Habenero by Doritos is bomb.
  16. dam dude.......those look like some DANK chips ther too man....
  17. I fucking love those chips.

    Krunchers are the shit too.
  18. i wish i didnt have aol so i didnt just waste five minutes waiting for this to load
  19. Oh, man thanks for telling me. Those sound right up my alley. I add Tabasco and chili powder to everything. +rep

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