New babies showing sex already?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Cricket.1063, Aug 26, 2019.

  1. So I've grown before, always knew the strain I was growing but this time I just had some really great flower from an unknown strain and found some bag seed and figured I'd give it a shot.

    I'm 23 days into the grow and while examining the babies today it looks like they're already showing sex? Every plant has these (see photos). Is it possible they were all feminized seeds or is this something else? I am a few years out of practice so I could be misreading them.

    I know this should be way too early to show sex, so if they are in fact showing their sex already does that mean the strand may be an auto since I know they grow quicker?

    Never handled an auto before but from what I've read you shouldn't FIM and train like usual so that may be crucial information.

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  2. I see no indication of sex. It looks like new growth.
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  3. Way to soon to tell.Be patient.

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  4. You need a couple more weeks , then if you really want to know flip them to 12/12 for 5 days then back to 18/6
    the 12/12 will make the plant show its sex.
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  5. Only way that would make sense is if they were Autoflowers, but as mentioned I don't think you have an issue... ;)
  6. The new growth your referring to in your photo is also know as a stipule. Often confused with a female pre flower..sit tight, Still a little soon to show sex!

    Your theory on autos is a little far fetched. There are plenty of people that have success FiMing and LSTing autos..I actually prefer topping my autos. Well
    Most of them..all of them get defoliated with LST!

    I’d have to say the chance of getting an autoflower seed in a bag bud is a little less common than finding a photoperiod bag seed.

    My suggestion would be read up some more on your free time!

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  7. Keep a close eye on bag seed plants. They were either pollinated by a herm or where the herm themselves and may lean towards herm'ing. Not trying to be negative just want you to be aware.

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