New Autoflower Strain In The Making - Outstanding Results

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    These project was started in 2011
    We set out to create a very potent, large, & fast autoflower that anyone can grow and achieve amazing results with minimal effort. Something that was not out there yet. We have tested many autos over the past few years and have selected only the best of best to work with. Nothing just on paper, everything was grown, tested and evaluated with high standards because proof is always in the pudding. when growing Starting with good genetics is most important.
    I'm very pleased to announce that our new strain will be ready for the summer season this year, and in female only, which will really help a lot of us. We'll also be looking for some people with different setups to run some test grows. feel free to ask about that, i'll get you on the list.
    There are only 2 of them pictured right now, a lot of other strains we started the same time were from royal queen and were all a let down. These two awesome girls were started around early December, and have just started taking off in flowering.
    View attachment 1358097 View attachment 1358092 View attachment 1358093 View attachment 1358094 View attachment 1358095 View attachment 1358096
    pics are from earlier this week, new ones asap.
    From the past results so far, this strain works great indood/outdoor and does very well under HPS or LED. We've only grown soil so far, would like to try other methods if someone has a different setup feel free to PM me. It is a strong smoke, works as an all day very well. doesn't knock you out, but at the same time can be used very much for relaxation/sleep in the evening or late night. 
    This is a photo of a nug from the last harvest:

  2. Here is nice update for everyone. I've labeled in the photos a bit so you can see what is what.
    The flowering is going fantastic. one is the sativa phenotype and the other indica.
    ENJOY :smoke:
    IMG_20140125_172219.jpg IMG_20140125_171314.jpg IMG_20140125_171334.jpg IMG_20140125_171935.jpg IMG_20140125_172016.jpg IMG_20140125_172047.jpg IMG_20140125_172126.jpg IMG_20140125_172211.jpg
    Again, our goal is to have these available in femenized seeds for this year's summer season
  3. Quick Update
    First 3 - Indica Dom
    Other 3 - Sativa Dom closeups
    IMG_20140202_132916.jpg IMG_20140202_133256.jpg IMG_20140202_133340.jpg IMG_20140202_133403.jpg IMG_20140202_133551.jpg
    These grils aren't even 3 months old!! They just over 2, will be 3 moths old by the end of this month, which is going to be harvest. The sativa dom might be finshed a week earlier. Flushing around the 15th
    Note: Today we entered the final phase of creation. for now I'll be vauge on what that means exactly, but The result will be 11th generation, Fast growing, medical grade autoflowering cannabis.
    It all starts with the genetics you choose. a lot of growers have learned this the hard way, as i did. When i first started, i had a tent with around 8 or 9 different strains, and dramatically different results. I quickly realized how important that initial seed choice really is. That's why i've been passionate about developing a strain that I totally love, and would be more than happy to smoke for the rest of my life if they were my last seeds. That's why I, along with my long time smoking buddy set off in 2010 to accomplish our goal that would be a lot of time, and hard work. We are only a few moths away from having our flagship strain ready for everone to enjoy.
    The benfits - these flourish under lots of light 24/0
    They do well under HPS as well as LED. With LED's, low heat, and never messing with light cycles- your whole operation is off the radar. Harvest ready in 3 months, easy perpetual harvest can be setup for every 1.5 months. outdoors harvest months sooner than regualr, with an ultra strong smoke.
    Here's a younger girl, who was started around January 5th and already is taking off

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