new attitude website?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by bassknocker23, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. someone go check it out, it seems pretty nice.

    I was just about to order from them(already nervous)

    and then the day i order from them, they change theree site? even more nervous now lol
  2. i would think a complete revamping of the site to make it look better would be a good thing not a bad one...

    they obviously arent planning on going out of business any time soon if they just paid a graphic designer to ice their site out
  3. It looks like the new site is having some sort of database error or something though.:confused:
  4. Looks like its up now. Just a reformat of their old site. Nothing to be nervous about :cool:

    What are you ordering???? :D
  5. Yea I saw it too! I think it looks sweet! Way better then before, now a strain finder thing lol, wish they would add a yield category to the strain filter I think that's what its called well sounds better to me then "strain finder" haha, also videos (but weren't working at the time) and some other stuff. But I didn't like when you're looking at strains it only showed like 10 per page(I think around that much I was smoking at the time like usual)
  6. I think I'll try to spend my money exclusively with the attitude from here on out. Of all the millions these seed distributors must make, I have never seen any of them reinvest in themselves by showing the customer they're improving and growing along with this hobby. True, it's only a redesigned website, but their website was already the best. Good work Attitude.
  7. im :confused::confused::confused: i dont notice the difference?? or is it im just :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  8. I just ordered Utopia Haze from them today. What was the average wait time for the shipping. I used dopeseeds in the past and they were always reliable. Anyone?
  9. I checked last nite and the new website was up, there were alot of errors and I can see why they put the old one back. Either way, Attitude is the only seed bank I'll go to and the new look is very professional.
  10. Ordered from them twice. First time was quick and the free seeds were cool. Ordered again and they should be here soon. Quick shipping, even to the US.

  11. If and since you are nervous about a simple are you planning on handling the stress of growing?

  12. Question where did this take place or how did you hear bout it?

  13. link? this smells like b.s. to me though.

    on a side note it looks like the new site brought some lower prices with it.
  14. You care to provide some hard info on those situations just mentioned because I have only heard of one seizure out of a very large number of completed transactions, they have a very good rep as of right now compared to many other places.
  15. I know that the disclaimer THESE SEEDS ARE SOLD FOR SOUVINEER PURPOSES commonly used on the majority of seedbank websites. CYA, and I can dig it. But I see that it is on the revamped Attitude website. Was it there on the old one, too? I don't remember seeing it on the old one.

  16. it was.
  17. I did get my seeds today along with 5 free seeds and the t-shirt. Everything was fine. So now have 2 orders and no problems.
  18. 5 Freebies? Should have been 5 different kinds of Dinafem Fem seeds....

  19. attitude is trusted and reputable. Do a search of the reviews on this site.

  20. Yes, there were 5 different Dinafem seeds included free with the order.

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