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New Ashcatcher

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by phreakymonk, May 3, 2006.

  1. Just got my a/c I bought off of ebay. Diffused downstem in the a/c, works great. Picked it up for $56, not a bad deal imo. Check it out... :bongin:

  2. that is a sick looking piece you got there. +rep for sure

    *edit*You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to phreakymonk again.
  3. Very cool, I bet that thing rips. 56 bucks aint bad at all.

    Any Milk Shot's?
  4. Dude that is a wicked looking bong, great pickup man, bet she rips! +rep

    Edit: sorry dude, must spread more rep.
  5. sick... and ill make sure to give ya some rep since you deserve it and the others couldnt get it to you
  6. that is sick lookin, bro. +rep
  7. Sorry for being a bong n00b, but what bit is the ash catcher and how does it work?

  8. The ash catcher is the little attachment that is between the bong and the bowl. It is a secondary chamber and its main purpose is to catch the ash so the bong doesnt get so dirty. It also helps add volume to the hit and has many other benefits such as more filtration and a smoother toke.
  9. I see, almost like a bong within a bong.

    I think you could also use the ash catcher on it's own as a "mini bong" if you wanted?

    Thanks for the info ;)
  10. damn I lreally like that I might just have to get me one as a "present" for my tolerance break...
  11. Rep + for such a nice setup!!!!!

    I was looking to get something just like that for 420....ended up with a similar setup, but minus the zong aspect and plus some heady glass colors!!
  12. I love the bong, love the ash catcher, love the snickers in the background haha....nice stuff man +rep
  13. beautiful bong and $56 for that ash catcher is a great deal i will also throw you some +rep:hello:
  14. Thanks for the rep everyone. My only complaint is that I wish the diffuser was longer in the a/c. the water gets sucked through til the water is under the first holes on the diffuser, so it doesn't bubble as well as I hoped, but I can just get a new diffuser later.

    Prolly take a milkshot later tonight :bongin:
  15. seriosuly is there any way i can get that or something like that for the price. you should sell them on ebay make lods of money
  16. Awesome! That's a monster rip.
  17. i'd hit that.
  18. Is that a zong? I see a label near the top but I cant see what it says. Awesome non the less.

  19. does the ashcather feel strong? Is the glass thick. i was going to get a roor one but for half the price i might get something like that.

    +rep for sure with the super thick milkage. Did the smoke get in yoru eye at all?

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