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  1. I've decided to start out a little smaller. I still need to find a loan shark, but I only need to borrow $2,000 for about 6.5 months. That's a hell of a lot less to risk than $15,000.

    Do ANY of you know of any loan sharks/private lenders that would part with $2,000?

  2. I run a small racketeering & human trafficking network out of my garage... i could probably connect you to some of my associates if you dont mind PMing me your SSN & faxing me all of your birth certificates and such? Im gonna need a full body nude shot aswell... for scientific reasons
    I don't know whether to laugh or be scared lol...
    Legit. :cool:
  5. Dude your old thread got deleted. Cut this shit out broke ass.sent from underneath my balls
  6. How stupid are you that you think youll find a loan shark here?

    Like holy shit, kill yourself.
  7. [quote name="Snoop Toad" post="19392086" timestamp="1390493995"]How stupid are you that you think youll find a loan shark here?Like holy shit, kill yourself.[/quote]Woah now, no need for that. While i agree this dude is dense.... cut ur crap toosent from underneath my balls
  8. OP has a thread in growing section where he says he has a $6000 budget.
    Trolling hard or hardly trolling?
    Hardly trolling. I actually have a $20,000 budget. Cause contrary to what most of you thought, I found an actual loan shark.

    Not on here, you were right about that part. I found him on

    So with that being said, the go big or go home plan is back on.
    8' x 8' gorilla grow tens, 4 x 600w lights, 4 plants under each light. I'm aiming for half a pound per plant with 8 weeks of veg.
    Judge Dredd is a great film...really under-rated!!
    But how are you going to hide the electricity costs? Surely that much wattage is going to raise some suspicion ? Especially during vegetation
  11. I'm gonna answer your question by making a neat little thread. Just to show you guys that I'm not as useless as you all think I am. Cause I'm guessing 99.9% of you think I'm blowing smoke out my ass, and I don't know a thing about growing.

    I've done my homework though lol. Believe it or not.

    I'll PM you the link to the thread.

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