1. I have notifications checked but I haven't received a single one yet. Someone quoted me in a thread and it didn't send me a notification.
  2. Also, what does it mean when it says "how often to check"?
  3. I applied a fix for the App today. You should be receiving notifications now.
  4. Does it need to update from the play store?
  5. No it is fixed for iOS , I will check android this weekend

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  6. Oh I didn't even think it was out for iphones yet.
  7. I have it running :) not live yet though waiting for review

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  8. Oh I see. Ok so I subscribed to a few threads and got notifications 15 minutes later. Anyway to make the notifications instant? Like not have to wait 15 mins? Also I thought we were supposed to get specific notifications for when people liked out posts, replied to us and pmd us right?
  9. iOS version has those detailed notifiations , Android version seems to have less settings regarding notifications.
  10. I'm hoping you guys are going to change that though right
    To be honest it is not top priority at the moment.
  12. It's cool man no rush just excited to see it when it's perfected.

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  13. i see others using Tapatalk to access GC Forums but i cant find it in the list?!? im using an ipad if that matters. thanks in advance.
    iPhone and iPad app's are on waiting for review stage at the moment. Though i have them running perfectly on my devices.
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    I have an app question. On the android app I can't figure out how to report a post. Is that not possible anymore?

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