New apollo 250watt 2100k cfl to supplement 600w hps

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Kcvancouver420, Nov 15, 2014.

  1. Does anybody have experience with Apollo cfl lighting?
  2. That was my first works well if ur stayn cheep or clones move up to mh cant go wrong

  3. Its supplementing my 600hps mh
    Thanks mango
  4. Every single apollo cfl bulb I've ordered from Amazon has arrived the SAME place.  The bulbs have design flaws that cause them to be fragile...I'd go with leds :p
  5. I live close to distributer , so its not ups / fed ex delevery , my first bulb from amazon broke but they refund me in full + so I get free reflector /10 foot cord and mogul
  6. And I think iall stick with hid thanks
  7. K.  Thats what I was gonna do until I opened the package, and the chemicals(including mercury)came spilling out of the tight package-into my room.  I had to hold my breath intermittently between running in and out of my room trying to get the window and exhaust setup xD.  Seriously...when you have a even a small mercury spill, they call in guys in hazmat suits-it looks like a bomb squad lol.  And then they say these bulbs are "safe" to use.  lol. 

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