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New apartment

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BlowingOs, May 11, 2011.

  1. So me and a friend (who also blazes) got an apartment. Im always sketched on that the maintence guy might come one day and see a bong out or something and call the police. Advice opnion? Hide it and be safe? Or jus smoke and fuck it?
  2. I'm not sure about them seeing things but i'd get a draft thing for your door and put weather stripping on the doors. People don't need to know you smoke.
  3. Great suggestions, as for the bong i would keep in a closet or under the bed when your not using. You wont need a GOOD spot but just somewhere to keep it out of the open. they wont just walk in on you though , hope you enjoy the apartment! :smoke:
  4. I doubt he'd call the cops for a bong laying around, and if he did I doubt they would come. Keep it hidden, but for the most part you shouldn't worry.

    Tip: Bongs were originally made for tobacco use, so if your bong is clean (no visible resin), then you can't be charged with owning one. A bag of tobacco on hand will also help cover up.
  5. Maintenance guys usually call you and make an appointment so they don't waste there time going to your place and you aren't even there.
  6. He would probally steal it, not call the cops.
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    Ya but not in this complex. Other wise i wouldnt worry
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    Ya thats wat im doing now. Im about to buy a big trunk with a lock and just put it all in there.
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    2 of the 3 neighbora i meet all smoke ha. But i do have a draft on it
  10. or just put the bong in a cupboard when not using it, then never worry
  11. I am a maintenance man preferred to be called maintenance tech lol but I come upon ppl smoking and hiding it often. I know u just burned theres incense burning and your all smiles and paranoid as well wondering what's this guy gonna do. I for one am going to ask depending on the aroma please may I have a toke. Yes we do have to have permission to enter and do not without its the law. But i would have to say hope u got a cool maintenance man cause either hes gonna turn ya in steal your stash or ask ya to burn or just mind his own damn business do his job not ask ?s or snoop in any of your stuff and be on his way. But ya can always make sure your home before they come in for any maintenance. They can't just come in unless its an emergency. Or without your permission. At least that is how it is here. Stoned and rambling thought I would throw in my fifty cents lmao. Good luck to ya. " He made it I grow it We all enjoy it." Amen
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    Much help man. Thats the answer i was looking for lol. 2 bad u dont work in my complex ha

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