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  1. Hi i am a college kid and i am getting an apartment next year and ive never grown before and i will have a nice walk in closet that i wanna grow in and i was wondering if someone could help me set up the most simple grow room.
  2. Get a homebox with a nice quality MH/HPS grow light. Also read up to see what method is best for you (hydro/soil)
  3. Most simple grow room is some pots, low-heat lights hanging from the ceiling, and a fan blowing your plants around a bit.
  4. if i was you i wouldnt grow in an apartment, especially at a young age as landlords usually have the tendancy to check out the condition of the house every few months (unless states otherwise in our rental agreement)

    but if u DO decide to grow i would do this.

    Get a small dresser, hollow it out, then get a few CFL's they usually sell the 150w cfl's that only use like 50watt's they usually sell for about $8.oo dollars each, i would get atleast one light per square foot of space. grow using soil as its the easiest for starters buy soil that has no nutes or fert's just get plain soil, and add stuff later, get perlite and mix it to about 60% soil 40% perlite. get a small fan in the dresser and cut a whole in the back of the dresser and run tubin with a 90degree curve so light does not leak out. and ur basically ready to go :)
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    Thanks i like the dresser thing it sounds like it would work and should i have the fan blowing in or out of the dresser?
  6. blowing out is the most efficient and standard way
  7. yes blowing out is the best IF you can only get ahold of one fan. for a space that small u an prob buy 2 computer cpu fan's. place the EXHAUST fan high in ur dresser. and the intake (if you get one) down torwards the lower portion of the floor. and you should be fine :) also, if ur going to grow more then 1 plant i would advise putting in a carbon filter on ur exhaust fan or everyone that comes into ur house will smell the sweet eroma of fresh bud.
  8. Another question if i take the drawers out of a dresser how should i close off that side?
  9. My veg box is a dressor. You can see what it looks like in my grow. You can get away with more then CFLs as well. Check it out if you have any questions let me know. If I where you though I'd invest in a decent size grow tent. My flowering cab is a tent and I wish I would of went that way for my veg box as well. As far as tents go I sugget the secret jardin dark room tents, they are fantastic quality. Good luck in your grow you are about to start an amazing adventure.
    Ps the landlord shouldn't to snooping in your closet they have no business there really; other then to make sure you aren't destroying it but that inspection generally comes at the end of the lease. Many people grow in apartments.
  10. Thanks i couldn't really get a good idea from the pics, could you post more pics so i could how you set it up?
  11. Of course dude! Anything in particular you would like pictures of?
  12. my advice would be to chill for a month or two after you move in, let things settle. When i first moved into my house the landlord found a couple excuses to randomly stop by(with only the required 24 hr notice), same for when i took over the lease. In the 7 months since i took over the lease though, haven't seen him in the last 5. Keep the place clean, and take care of it so they dont feel that they have to babysit their investment.. Seeing that i painted the walls made the landlord more comfortable because he saw that i cared about the condition of the house i lived in, but make sure that your landlord is OK with this, a lot of rentals will say you cant paint anything, my landlords pretty down to earth though.
    Definately scope out the situation though, you definitely need the landlord to trust you.
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    yea dude could you get some of the inside and all around the outside. Cuz i wanna use my parents old dresser but i dont have clue how to set it up. thanks:bongin:
  14. you cut off the face of the rawers and then glue, or cawk the face of the drawrs back onto the dressor as if they are closed and WHALA :) :)
  15. Yea thats what i was thinking but then if i do that how will i be able to get into the dresser.
  16. Hey dude, what I do is access the dresser from behind it. Put it on some wheels and push it up against the walls pretty close(with out restricting the air flow to bad). Here are some more pictures of the dresser. Its just a regular dresser with the drawers knocked out, and the the drawer faces then glued back on to the front. I cut a 6" hole in the bottom of the back right hand corner which I regret. I wish I would of put several small 1" holes instead of one large one. I have a 150w HPS in the dresser in a DIY Cool tube(Ill include a link). Powering all of my ventilation is a 4"Sunleaves Inline Fan rated at 200CFM. That fan hangs in the upper right hand corner of the dressor. It runs in a circuit like this Box Air >4" Fan > COOL Tube > Exit via rear of the dresser. Most people pull air threw and if I where you thats what I would do as well. I have not changed my set up just because it is working well so I dont see a reason for me to mess with it. My temperatures says 2 degrees above the outside room temps so about 70 to 72 degrees F. Another suggestion I reccomend is well, make sure you have it all planned out first like the shortest path for ducting and such. My ducting is a little bit to much because I made a mistake and tried to put way to big of a light in it. If you need anything else just let me know

    Here is a link to where I got stuff
    DIY Cool Tube Instructions
    Pyrex Tube
    all other supplies for that is at Home Depot or other home improvement stores
    150w HPS
    4" Sunleaves Fan
    Heres some more pictures that kind of go a long with the pictures you looked at in my thread.
    [​IMG]A shot of the cool tube
    [​IMG]Just an inside shot of the clip on fan inside.

    [​IMG](note this fan is no longer there and neather is that light fixture it was the one that was to big for the space) I just wanted to show you the inlet as well, which you should use as passive(non fan in them)
    Other pictures
    Is the rear how I have it currently set up and all of the immprovements I had to make on light leaks.

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  17. Go grow box design crazy. :smile:
  18. i was on youtube to other day and i watched this guy make a grow box from cardboard and i think that would be so much simplier than a dresser, so i think i am going to do that. i just need to get alot of cardboard somewhere.
  19. If i get a couple cpu fans how would i wire them so i could plug them into an outlet?
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