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New Anxiety From Weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by amdjobob, Aug 17, 2017.

  1. Been smoking for a little over a year now and its mostly been sativa or hybrids. started smoking indicas a lot as thats what I had available went back to sativas and was fine for about a week smoked last night and about 15 minutes ago and my anxiety is absurdly high. any ideas?
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  2. Satvias in high amounts can cause a bit of anxiousness. Prob just not use to it since you've been blazin indicas.
    Try a different strain or just don't smoke as much.
  3. Go back to indicas or hybrids I rarely do sativas for the same reason I'm wound to tight. There are only a few sativas I can smoke cinex,Maui,and chocolate.
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  4. yuo can titrate dosage using whole black peppercorns to stop anxiety from thc in cannabis... black pepper acts like cbd in that it is an inverse agonist @ th ecb 2 receptor site..

    use citicoline too,,, use 3 to 5 times more citicoline than the thc amount you consumed to alleviate thc paranoia...

    also, increase omega three amounts to buffer cannabinoid metabolism and to make come down much more sustained and less lethargic Deficiancy Abolish Endocannabinoid Function.pdf
  5. Micro dose take 1 or 2 hits a hr enough for a head change I do that at work all day keeps me focused, motivated and takes the edge off

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