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New Antidrug Ads

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xplicitcontent, Nov 1, 2002.

  1. Has anyone seen em. They're some funny ass shit. Like one where they keep going to the same fast food place and jus jokin in the drive thru, but in the end drive foward and hits a kid. Then they say "safe drug? weed affects reaction time" or somthin. Pretty stupid message
  2. hehe, yeah or the ones that go like: This is Tom smoking his joint, this is tom's dealer, this tom's dealer's supplier, this is the family that got killed by some random people. Don't do drugs, you could kill people."

    Yeah, here's a commercial for not reading books: Here's Tim's book, this is the bookstore that sold Tim's book, This is the company that made the book that sold it to the bookstore, this is the man that got crushed by a tree when he cut it down for paper for a book.


  3. this is tom, this is tom buying a pair of nikes, this is the manager of the plant that makes the shoes, this is the 5 year old kid that gets paid one cent an hour from making the shoes


    many ppl die not jus from drugs,but other things too. And i doubt that even though a cartel killed a family, i doubt that weed was able to give them millions. Haha, more like pennies.
  4. hey, thats what i said... lol
  5. if i could shoot one of those antidrug fuckers in the face with a 12 guage, believe me i would.. and id like it too. lying sheister bastards..

    whatever though, its not like they can do shit to stop anyone from smoking it.. hell, im smoking right now
  6. yea, but i got a feeling theirs more too these ads then thought. The vote is soon in navada for legalization. Now id put any money down that these ads will be running full force before the vote, and if the vote wins, then these ads will be countless cuz tha last things these basterds want is legalization.
  7. right on phunkyphil... Hopefully Nevada will show this country what the fucks up with weed. It's alright to be against anti hard drugs, but to call Marijuana a gateway drug is ridiculous. You can say the same thing about cigarettes.

    peace and go Nevada
  8. Here's all the commercials (from this particular campaign) that I've seen:

    The first one involved two teenage boys sitting in some kind of room (looks like an office or something in someone's house) One is sitting at a desk in a swivel chair twirling around, the other seems kind of out of it, the screen fades in and out somewhat sporadically (as do most of these commercials for some reason, prehaps to symbolize the horrible short term memory loss that the anti-legallization people like to talk about) each time one of the boys says something like "Dude, your sister's hot." or just something altogether dumb and juvenile sounding. After this for a few moments the boy at the desk pulls a gun out of a drawer and says something like "What's this?" (apparently weed makes you forget what things are), the other one responds with "I dunno, is it loaded?" Another moment passes when the screen goes blank and you hear a gunshot, I'm not sure if he's supposed to be shooting himself or his friend. Whatever the case the commercial then, in stark white letters says "Marijuana can affect your judgement. Marijuana: Harmless?" The next one is equally disturbing in it's similarity to nazi style propaganda (don't believe me? just watch the history channel for a few days and you'll see). It shows a girl and a boy (both teenagers, 16-18 years old) sitting on a couch during a party. The room is smoky and you can see people walking around doing random things that I guess out of touch politicians think people do at parties. They're using this little metal crack pipe looking thing. The doorbell rings and the girl gets up to answer it, when she comes back she takes a hit. This process repeats itself several times until finally the girl makes it back to the couch one last time (the whole time she's quite incoherent btw) Then plops down and passes out. The boy next to her then looks over and starts to unbutton her blouse. He motions for someone off camera to be quiet about it. I don't remember what the message is this time but essentially they're trying to say that marijuana will cause you to be raped by some dirty looking kid in a flannel shirt. Then there's the one with the drive-thru that was mentioned above. These asshole guys are in a car saying dumb things and being abusive to the girl working the drive thru at some generic fast food resaurant. They're hotboxing the car pretty seriously (there's actually smoke billowing out of the car the whole time) and somehow managing not to draw attention or get caught by the cops (seriously, has anyone here actually drove around with smoke pouring out of their car?) The screen fades in and out a few times, the situation generally repeating itself but each time they say something different and even dumber than the previous one (just like the other commercials). The last time they pull forward and hit some little girl on a pink bike that's crossing the street. And then, of course, there's the one with the columbian drug cartel and the family. i haven't actually seen that one but I've read about it plenty. I wouldn't be surprised if there are more of these commercials to come. The funny thing about all of this is that even some of the people I know that are particularly anti-legalization have said they think this is bullshit. All they're (i.e. Walters and the D.E.A.) doing is further alienating a population that already thinks they're full of bullshit. A surprisingly large amount of people know that the majority of marijuana smokers are responsible adults (or at least responsible) that, if anything, wouldn't hurt a fly. The problem is that not only do they spread (obvious) propaganda, but they actually try to prevent others from spreading they're own message. For example, there are certain laws in place that don't allow refferances to illegal drugs in a good context before ten PM (I'm not too clear on this law but I know it exists). And they give incentives to companies (cable and network channels) that show things with a general anti-drug (or, more particularly, anti-marijuana) theme. And most pro-marijuana organizations lack the funds necessary to have a nation wide campaign like the DEA has, despite what Walters has said about the sponsors of Question 9 (the Nevada proposition). Here's an exact quote from Walters (the drug Czar if you didn't already know) from some Elks lodge meeting in Vegas recently (of course it's in Nevada): "These people use ignorance and their overwhelming amount of money to influence the electorate. You don't hide behind money and refuse to talk and hire underlings and not stand up and speak for yourself," I read this quote and thought that it was someone talking about Walters or the DEA. But it is actually something Walters has said, and wins my award for the most hideously blatant hypocracy in the history of time. If it were possible to make a commercial that was pro-legalization, and that I were somehow in charge of making it (I wish) it would go something like this:

    An african american family is at home. A young boy plays video games while his sister sits nearby talking on the phone, telling her brother to quiet down. Mom's in the kitchen cooking dinner and dad's not around at the moment. There are a few marijuana plants in the background. Suddenly there's a knock on the door. Without announcing themselves, several police officers burst in, all of them waving firearms around. One of them screams "GET DOWN! NOW!" They all obey, despite their immediate fear. Dad hears the commotion and comes downstairs, not knowing what's going on. He's holding a cell phone. Halfway down the steps one of the officers yells "He's got a gun!" Two gunshots go off, one of them hits the father. Grasping his chest, he collapses and slides down the stairs in with a horrified look on his face. Before calling for an ambulance the police officers take the time to remove the four pot plants in the room, the family looking on, terrified, the whole time. Two officers, including the one who fired, high five each other in congratulations. The screen goes black and fades to a funeral. A narrator would then say: "This man, a father of two, and a husband, without a criminal record, was shot and killed by police because he had four marijuana plants in his house. He was dead upon reaching the hospital, no police officers were ever charged for his shooting. The worst part is, this is based on a true story." Then, in stark white letters, it would say: "The war on drugs: Harmless?"

    That really is based on a true story. Every year tens of thousands are jailed and hundreds are killed because the government doesn't want us to have access to a plant, a weed even, which has existed for much, much longer than our country itself has. It's time for it to end. Er...
    sorry guys, just got a little empassioned there. I hope you enjoyed the rant.
  9. Great post KraziHare! I agree 100% The thing that ticks me off the most about the war on drugs, is that our federal tax dollars pay billions of dollars to fuel this propaganda war that only hurts our nation's people, when just a portion of this money could be used to feed every hungry person in the country for a year. It makes me sick to think that up to this point our government still can't see the big picture about life. Instead of taxing us to criminalize ourselves, they could tax us to help our nation's well being as a whole, but they choose not to. And apparantley enough voters in the country feel that way too. Quite unfortunate. Thanks.

    Oh yeah I forgot to mention my thoughts on the anti-drug commercials. My favorite example of hypocrasy is the commercial where it shows young bobby running around and carrying on and having a good time with his friends. This goes on throughout the commercial. At the end, it says "Friends: my anti-drug". A week later I see this commercial. Video of friends having a good time, flash to poor young jimmy. Jimmy can't go hang out and carry on with his friends, he's grounded because his parents found out he tried pot. Then something about how evil marijuana is. By this logic, Jimmy's parents could be preventing Jimmy from engaging in his anti-drug activity, friends. Thus spinning Jimmy further down the dope-use spiral which his parents are trying to prevent. Clearly propaganda if they are attempting to use opposite sides of the spectrum to back their point. Hahaha. Anyway, with that, I leave you with this. Marijuana: My anti-drug.

  10. I have seen the most recent from Partenership for a drug free america...they have always been known to put out falsified information ever since one of the earliest anti-pot commercials showing "brain waves" of a kid that was high..obvious BS because MJ has shown an increase in alpha wave activity that stimulates meditation and creativity....(thats true for all the McGiver smokers out there) but the new one is with kids going to fast food place then they run over a girl....first of the time you are eating you are most likely done smoking not blazing a joint while giving your order..but when i first saw that commericial i was torn because it looked pretty fun to me until they hit that girl on the bike....but truthfully when smoking MJ i am a much more careful driver specially when im "ridin' dirty" (have weed in the car) so's not to get pulled over....I know at least some of you have had the experience when you are flying down the highway but to your surprise you look down and are only going about 55 MPH,....HAHA>.....thats all i got
  11. I shit on those anti-drug people!
  12. The funny thing about the add were the kid's family gets killed by the cartel (Something like that) ... is that that wouldn't have heppened if MJ was legal...

  13. lmfao, yeah I've had that happen to me every time I have to go to get some munchies, I look ahead and realize I must be going 40 on some residential road that's covered with cops, I look down at the speedometer and see 25 mph. It's quite something to go under the speed limit. lol, good times
  14. I live in a backwards kind of country called No(r)way. No prizes for guessing that pot is illegal. But just today I read an article in a local newspaper. This girl, age 20 something, got cought in a bust with about 20g of hasj, with some pipes and other smoking-aids.

    After going to court she pleaded guilty of possesion, but no way in hell would she let the cops keep (and destroy presumably) her dear waterpipe. She got a month of community-service, bout 600$ fine and *keep* her pipe and stuff :)

    Generally speaking norwegian cops don't give shit about cannabis, unless it's there to highten the charges in an otherwise unrelated crime. Personally I haven't been busted, but theres been some close calls at some parties where do-no-gooders have called the cops on us for "disturbing the peace". Long story made short:

    (open door)
    "why high there, may I help you officer?"
    (sniff-sniff) "Yes, well, your neighbours complained about some loud music... Would you mind turning it down a bit?"
    "Consider it done my friend" [I get *very* friendly when high]
    "uhm, what's that smell? Incense, hehe"
    "ehmmm... sure, incense, yes. Incense"
    "That'll be all, be nice, and keep the music down!"

    I just don't think they bother 'couse of the paperwork that comes with a low-grade drug bust, so they leave it be. It helps also that me and all my smoking friends are "good" people with jobs or studies, not some low-life down the gutter addicts.

  15. see it isn't pot that makes people kill, it's advertizing and propaganda
  16. Those ads are such horseshit!! Just another example of good 'ol fashioned government propaganda!!
  17. *rabble rabble rabble*

    none of this stuff would happen if it were legal

    *rabble rabble rabble*

  18. Exactly!!



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