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  1. Ok, not terrified but I am completely full of anxiety and can't function well at all. Someone gave me some weed brownies and I finally was free of all the anxiety!! it was amazing. Now, I just don't know where the hell to get more (friend is out of state). 
    I thought of posting on craigslist but couldn't that be a trap? I am in healthcare and I don't want to have criminal charges against me if it's a cop. 
    I'm not trolling for dealers. I just need help on how to find a legit person in my state, where weed is decriminalized but not readily available. I am from Minnesota. any tips would help. This stuff is a wonder drug. 

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    do you work out ? 
    No : start working out.
    Yes :  go out at night in the popular district of your city, ask people around bars and clubs if they have any weed. (be subtle and look for people your age or younger)
  3. I work out nightly....It helps a little bit.
    Some dealer is texting me now for like $400/ounce. omg. I am freaking out that's a ton of money and I wonder if it's a trap. 
  4. $400 is expensive. Go to a bar, ask the bartender. And don't just walk in...go some place where you might be recognized from coming in before.
  5. Ask your friend if he can hook you up with someone to get more?
  6. I live in Fargo and I pay 250-360/oz for dank shwage should run 120ish/ oz

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  7. what's schwage mean? I'm a total newb. I am a suburban mom and work as a dentist. 
  8. I never go to bars...
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    DO NOT buy from craigslist.  As an adult with responsibilites that values my freedom I would never even consider using craigslist in a million years. Not to mention the possibility of getting robbed/ripped off or worse assaulted. My best advice would be to visit a smoke shops and chat with the folks.  Employees and customers alike.  You'd be surprised some of the friendly people you might meet that would be more than willing to hook you up.  You might have to visit a few shops to score but it's much safer imo.
    Schwag is slang for crappy poo poo doody weed that is usually not really flowers but stems and leaf and stuff.  Generally you want nice flowers(buds) covered in resin.
  10. Craigslist is probably not a cop, but you can't take that risk.
    Subtly try to bring up weed into the conversation with anyone you know who might be cool. Not about buying it, just in general. It may be easier with friends or people your age, or maybe a younger family member lol.
    If they seem alright from there, maybe ask for a hook-up.
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    smoke shop it is. What do I say exactly?? 
    like how do you use this bong where do I get some? won't they kick me out? I'm so confused
    Yeah, scared of the craigslist route. Seems like a baaaaad idea
  12. I dunno how well the smoke shop would work out, since at least around me they have signs that say more or less not to call anything a bong or talk about pot, etc.
    They definitely won't call the cops though, so it is way safer than Craig's. It may just take a couple tries. I'd go for the customers over the clerks lol
    Haha no they won't kick you out.  Just browse around and ask questions.  Tell them you are new to the wonderful world of cannabis(in your own words of course :D ). To be honest depending on the employees and the vibes in there you could just tell them straight up what you told grass city.  You had some brownies you got from a friend which relieved your anxiety, he is not from in state and you don't know where to find more.  Otherwise you could just pester about and ask customers.  Just use your better judgement of character.
    A little story.  One of the last times I visited a smoke shop.  I was browsing about talkin with the employee asking her to show me some smoking tools, mentioned I have never had the pleasure of having a dab before and another customer who just walked in heard me say that and invited me back to his house for a dab.  The guy was a dreadlock hippie kind of guy very chill vibes so I trusted and said sure and followed him back to his house.
    A dab is hard to explain.  Basically its slang for the way you smoke concentrated form of all the active ingredients in the pot.
    I guess this will change according to your geographic region.  Smoke shops around are pretty open about their products being used for pot.  Although I am not in a legal area the laws are pretty lax around here.
  15. Yeah, I think it's hit-or-miss just with the employees, too. I've had it go both ways
  16. It's a damn shame.  See this is why pot needs to be legal.  This lady is a regular contributing member of society.  She just wants to have a little pot brownies to relieve her anxiety without suffering any nasty side effects.  Now she is forced into purchasing it from possibly criminal type of people who she doesn't know.  Chances are it won't be dangerous but there is always the chance.
    If it were legal she could walk into the dispensary or store and just buy herself some brownies or medibles and not even have to make the damn butter herself.
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    I know!! I am a good person, i work hard, I am just full of anxiety and it's relieved with pot. It was the most blissful week kof my life. I didn't do it at work but used it after kids went to bed. It was smooth, wonderful and made my life a million times better. 
    Now I have to go into the scary world of dealers. ick.
    It's decrimilinized here but still not legal. I don't have enough patience.
    Honestly a vast majority of pot dealers are not like your stereotypical drug dealer portrayed in the movies and television. Saul from Pineapple Express is a pretty accurate portrayal.  Most pot dealers are just some guy that hooks up his friends so that he can afford to smoke pot himself for free.  Then they also meet random people like you.
    Unfortunately there are shady characters out there but hopefully you aren't a complete air head and have a good judgement of character.  Seeing that you asked us first instead of going and doing something crazy tells me you aren't. ;)
  19. Yeah, the real dick drug dealers move up to dealing worse stuff.
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    I have had so much anxiety I have been suicidal. I can't live like this. It's not a life. 
    Edit: NOT a threat. A feeling that will not be acted upon. 

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