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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Samatha Barski, Jun 8, 2009.

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    Ok so I was reading through some post from people and my plants where streching so I re-potted them
    and put them in my basement under to 40w cool floros untill my 400w Hps light comes on friday.
    I also have a 12 inch fan on low setting i am using miracale grow soil. will my plants make it untill friday? The temp is between 65-70 and humdity is at 60%. I am a total newb please help. I will post pics as soon as my battery charges.
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    Ok i am going to take a few pics in a minute and please let me know what u think .
  3. just stick them outside lol
  4. This isn't the help you were asking for, but if Samantha Barski is your real name and you don't have a license to grow, you'll probably want to change your username immediately.
  5. Thanks, no its not my real name.
  6. Thanks but this is not an option .
  7. get liek 4 CFL's in the 6500k range (26w ~ 100w equivalent) and stick em 2" away from em for the few days.
  8. [​IMG]


    Ok so here are the pics. I have also found out that MG is horible to use, "GREAT" Is it ok to change the soil? I cant do it now because its 2 in the morning here but i will do it first thing. what soil should i use? Something I could buy at home depot? My 400W light system will arive friday. so intill then is this ok? Thanks all (+rep for help!!)
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    LOL just drop your floro as close as possible.. you will be replanting a couple of weeks .. so you can bury alot of the "stretch" that happens during germ. then.

    wait till you get your HID..then go to town.

    welcome to GC

    you want to find soil without "time-release nutrients" which MG loves to use. Home Despot usually has a decent enough selection to find something that will work. I look for Whitney Farms soils around here.
  10. Wharf is correct - just lower that there floro and you will be fine!

  11. Thanks so much for your help!! Everyone seems to be very nice here! +rep for you! Thanks again!!
  12. and dont use any ferts atm. :)
  13. Thanks for the advise. When should I use them? and could you recomend a good one I have something called alaskan fish fert, Would that be ok? I know I am a total newb.
    Also would a 400W Hps be ok for 9 plants?
  14. Fish is fine as far as I know. I have never used anything but chemicals and until recently organic in a few test pots this year. I have heard from friends that the fish stays with u if u use it too late in the grow. Although I can't confirm this they are good friends and would have no reason to lie. You might want to ask around about this however. Maybe someone who uses this fert can advise you better than I.

    after a month.

    Yea fine for that many.

    Peace to all. :)
  15. 1. drop those floros you have till they are almost touching the tips. Since they are tube floros, they dont get hot and your babies can literally touch the lights and nothing will happen.
    2. That 400w HPS/MH wont work for 9 plants, however considering this is your first grow from random bagseed i presume there is a good possibility that you will only get like 3-4 females if very lucky, so you should be fine with 3-4 plants under that 400w.
    3. Nutes should start at about a month of age, sometimes earlier. I usually wait until there are 3 sets of leaves on it (not counting the original sprout cotleydon (sp?) leaves) You can start at around week 3 with a 1/8 strength nute formula and move onto 1/4 next week etc. Feed em once a week when theyre small like that, once they get bigger you can adjust a feeding schedual.
    4. As for your nutes, you can use those but i would suggest buying something else. The reason is that your feeding a plant, and what you put in is what you get out. Therefore, if you dont do a good flush at the time of harvest you will have a nasty rotting fish stench coming form your buds. You can use this fert for veg, since you wont be budding anytihin and its a great source of Nitrogen for new rapid grows. Otherwise, try Fox Farm Fertilizers like Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger Bloom. They work very well and show great results. Other ferts can also be used (Humbolt County, Etc), just make sure you have something higher in N that P and K for veg, and then somethign higher in P than N and K for bloom. I would suggest staying away from Miracle Grow anything.
    5. Your soil can be replaced, no worries there. Id wait until your seedings have a new leaf set to do it. That way you know they have well established roots and a root ball, making it easier to actually transplant rather then ripping their newly formed roots off the sprouts. Just get some soil without time release fertilizers built into it. Home Depot might have them, but if they dont try a hydro shop or a mom and pop shop for soil without nutes. If all else fails, people have grown MJ on the MG Organics stuff, but you would have to keep fertilizer levels downb really low since the soil still contains time released nutes (1/8-1/4 strength)
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    Thanks so much! I have 1 more question for you When should I place my plants under the 400W Hps? and how far away should it be from the plants? Thanks again bud! Ps. My lights should arive sometime between Wed-Friday.
  17. That stretching is normal. You do not want to put the lights so close until you get your first set of leaves. Keep the light about one foot away for now then when the leaves pop out lower the light to about 6-8 inches. Keep the growing medium moist at all times. Good Luck:smoking:
  18. You can put them under the 400w after they have some actual leaves to ab sorb the light. I usually wait until they have thier first set of 5 blade leaves about three weeks. Until then I use 2-2' 6500K t-5 fluoros always 6-8" away. When you first introduce your plants to the HID keep it about 3 feet away, the next light cycle lower it to about 18-24" away. A rule of thumb is, Place your hand under the light to a point where it feels hot, that is too close for the plants. Move your hand away from the light vertically until it doesn't feel hot, that is how close you can place the light. I:smoking:f it doesn't burn you it won't burn the plant.

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