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New and improved way on how to make weed firecrackers

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by stonerhippy, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. improved firecrackers

    what you need

    - regular ice cream cones, the ones with the flat botom (not sugar cones)
    - nutella or organic peanutbutter
    - as much finely ground weed as you want
    - butter
    - tinfoil

    preheat oven to between 300-310F

    in a bowl mix about 1 part butter to 3 parts nutela or penutbutter and add however much weed you want based on your tollerance and how much of the penutbetter/nutela and butter mixture you made( theire should be about .5 grams of weed per 1/4 cup of the mix)

    scape out the mixture and fill up as many icecream cones( about 3/4 of the way full) as you can with it

    wrap up the icecream cones with foil so they are airtight

    put in oven for 20-25 MINUTES

    let cool for an hour while STILL WRAPED in the foil

    unwrapp and enjoy

    with these you dont need to spead anything, You dont have to worry about anything oozing out, and its just less messy to eat overall


    tell me what you think
  2. How do they taste?
  3. hmmm, might try this out later
  4. Yeah, how does this taste?
  5. with nutella its tastes great and if you like recces or watever a combo of peanutbutter and nutela with the butter tastes great too the taste is pretty good but hey they get you pretty stoned so what the hell
  6. Does it require to be cooked, or can you just let it sit out for a week and experience the effects?
  7. just threw a cone in the oven with about a dime of dank herb and maybe .2 or .3 or kief. decarboxylated the bud as well, ill let you guys know how it goes in about an hour and a half, im gong to be adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream atop the cone for good measure :D
  8. worked pretty decently for a firecracker recipe, super easy and pretty tasty

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