NEW and IMPROVED sig for dig

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Mar 28, 2003.

  1. new sig line!

    much better.

    far more poiniant than "STOP THE BOMB!" i think.

    not sure if it's the right way around tho... should maybe put comedians first politicians second.

    V what do yas think? better? V ...(bottom one btw)
  2. Who's V?

    Anyway, I think it works both ways cause it still means the same and since it still means the same then leave it the way it works. That's what I think, at least.
  3. lol, who's v! hehe

    sorry for not having a down arrow to upload.

    :D heehee
  4. LOL! That's funny! :) I couldn't figure it out. I was thinking Vatoloco and then I thought "why does he just want his opinion?" I didn't care, I was going to give mine anyway. I have this goofy giggle going on now.
  5. i think i've got that same giggle.
  6. I like it, but you have to read it a few times...well at least I did, until I finally read it right :D
  7. I noticed it in another post, thought it was funny as hell, and got motivated to change my sig.

  8. once again i'm amkin a change... not that anyone cares, or should... but i like to make note of it in a thread... and rather than make a new one... i'm writing it here....

    because the message, the warning, is still very very valid.

    We of self-unrealised opulence, of unbalance, of self important, self obsessive, egoist encouraging, inner desperate regen, unaware of neglect, lack of respect, misplaced connect, of boxed off redirect, do not discect, we checked, it's bottlenecked, you're not fecked,
    -old sig

    new sig....

    Namaste, Sattva, Gouranga, Ahimsa

    ... maybe. if i remember... got stuff to be getting on with... oop
  10. how do you get that shit to scroll like that?
  11. ya get shit to scroll like that by typing {marquee}textyouwantscrolling{/marquee} except you gotta use the < and > insteada the { and } like this:

    <marquee> actually...shiticantgetittowork....mustbedisabledforintheposts....idunno </marquee>

    alternatively, to check and see for yourself, i think if you "quote" me, when you get the reply text box you should see exactly how i did it for yourself. glad to be of service. enjoy your new found scrolly text power.

    -edit- gurr.

    edit again -- oh, it works now.
  12. Digit I hate to steal the thread but damn where have you been.

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