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  1. Broader ranges... Let's get a percentage of the users ages on lovely ol' GC
  2. Whos slow
  3. ^^ the poll haha it takes some time to show up :smoke:
  4. Faded Skies. Lurking your grasscity threads at 3AM... Poasting faster than the speed of a bong rip.

  5. it's 2AM here lol
  6. lol at 0-17 is it anonymous?
  7. How am I supposed to know that? This isn't a location poll. :p:smoking:

    Why do you ask sirrrrr? :devious: And of course it is.
  8. ^^ I know I'm just saying.. :cool:
  9. I'm 21 :/
  10. I always thought I was in the young age bracket here on GC. :(
  11. lol this is going to turn into an old person self loathing thread..
  12. Oh i see that shit now, its 309am here gonna take another hit
  13. @) right here.

    If you decipher that rep for you. If you don't you get to sit in the corner with a dunce cap.
  14. I'm having a hard time accepting I'm turning 22 in Sept.

    I can't see myself at age 25, srs.
  15. Dam getting old

  16. It'll be here before you know it! jk

  17. The answer is all of the above, I'll take that rep now. :cool:
  18. How about a young person future loathing thread?

    Cause if i'm posting on gc when i'm 93 people better be posting hologram tits, or they're getting the fuck off my spaceship. I'm bitter in the future.
  19. You'll have to be happy with a dunce cap because you are wrong.

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