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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by au01st, May 25, 2006.

  1. Hey all, just joined up here. I had my first experience with "drugs" a couple of weeks ago when my friend brought some 20x Salvia. We were in my room with his bong, and it was an incredibly relaxing experience (BTW I'm in college, I've just always been the straight and narrow, however upon hearing this was legal I was up for a try). Anyways, I was looking to order a pipe specifically for Salvia and other legal herbs, since we are drug tested at work and I wouldn't want to chance any residue from a friend's piece getting me in trouble, plus I don't want to have to bug someone else every time I want to smoke. So I ordered a nice piece from the shop last night, and it said something about my credit card had to be I got here to check on the status and it says canceled? I searched and could not find anything about this, so I was just wondering what was up. I've already ordered some Salvia from the same place my friend got his from, and now I'm just waiting on my piece. I really want the CCG pipe that I ordered, but if it's gonna be a lot of trouble, I may have to look somewhere else. I'm in the US BTW, if that matters about s/h. Thanks, and I look foward to lurking around, at least for the summer when I don't have to think.

    edit: addin another question, supposing I smoked Salvia from a bong normally used for pot, how much residue will I really pick up in one good hit, held in for about 20 seconds, and how soon would it be out of my system?
  2. Welcome to the city!:wave:

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