new and have a few questions plz??

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  1. 1. live in south georgia first grow when do i need to begin growing?
    i have my spot but thats it

    2. once i sprout my seeds inside when is it time to move to the woods

    3.when and what kind of soil is best large of pot should i use if im going to put it under ground
    does it need dranadge holes

    5.can i use pond water to water my plants

    6. any other useful ideas will be verry helpful tell me everything if possible
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    1. Start growing after last frosts if there are any. Even if there is none in S. Georgia, start growing in Spring (winter light is not strong enough: gives small plants, small buds) and harvest in the fall.

    2. After 30-45 days (1-2 feet tall). Earlier they can be eaten by slugs and crushed by animals.
    See repellants even if bigger. You need 5 hours of direct sun mon. on your spot(s).

    3. Type in the search bar on GC "soil mix" or see link below.

    4. Start in solo cups, after a month move to 3-5 gallon pots for 2 months about, then put in a 10- 15 gallon pot. You can place pot in soil for stealth and so roots aren't hit by the sun. Use drainage holes but plug 3/4 of them (for keeping water). 1 plant per pot.
    Or dig a 3x3x3' hole, cut the 3 gallon pot and put female plant in hole. Holes need to be done by Feb. if you want to put manure in. 1 plant per hole.

    5. Yes pond water is good, even better than tap water (chlorine). As long as it's not a stagnant puddle and there are fish in it, it'll be great water.

    6. Tell no one. Grow about 10 females (enough to get several pounds if done right). Grow good genetics (seedbank).
  3. ok great :) and this is a stream of water about 4 feet deep it comes from a spill way from a pond on a golf course might have golf course fertz in it and should i just let them grow straight up or use tie downs and how do you shugest i keep said slugs and animals out if at all possible i would like to use somthing i can pick up at home dept or lowes
  4. and you say holes need to be done by febuary i want to put manure in?
    is that the same as a product called black cow
    and i dig the holes let sit unti spring then plant my plants in the pre dug and covered holes i made back in feb?
  5. Yeah exactly. Put mulch over the winter and spring on ther holes. Horse shit is a common manure. Excellent to have a water source available!
  6. ok fire :) last question for now
    i live with my parentals and i have a debit card but my mom checks it online almost daily to see how much money is in there and what i buy bul shit i know all i have is bagseed and i was woundering if you had an idea on how i could get them off the internet
  7. ok i lied one more for you sorry to bombard but what is your favorite fertilizer
    something like miricle grow
  8. Are you 18? Lol!
    I use my normal credit card (, Some other guys will help you out for ordering with a debit card. You can also use a money order (less safe than CC though). You can also send cash if you're willing to risk 50 bucks. GHS White widow is killer smoke and early (some can be tall though) (10 females for 55 euros at SB). See Mandala seeds too (Sadhu is a short and very potent indica/sat, speed queen is a fast indica, satori is a very strong sativa): 10 non femmed seeds for 20 bucks.

    I don't have Us products. You can use organic for better taste (MG is non organic). Fish emulsion for veg. and bat guano (liquid or on top) for flowering. Espoma organic products are good in the US for whole growth. Be careful with those seeds and your parents hahaha!
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