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  1. So i recently received a $350 metalic purpel glass bong with a water catcher. Well the other night it some how fell over while on the floor and instead of the top breaking the base broke.. now everything is fine but the base, so basicly i cant stnad it up anymore.. is there anyplace or way that you can get a new base made that i can apoxy back on, or like a rubber stand that i could possibly put it in? id display a picture if i had my camera with me, once i get back home if anyone would liek to see it ill will ether email or post the picture. thank you
  2. glass blower?
  3. Cut a 2 liter bottle in half and duct tape it to the broken part. Or a glass blower, ask your local headshops if they blow glass or know somebody that does.
  4. theres a store down teh road from where i work i think i might go by there after work and see what they can do... im so depressed right now
  5. You could just lean it on things :confused_2:
  6. lol uggg im depressed. i talked to a glass blower out here and he told me the problem with trying to fix it is that when he goes to reheat the whole pipe that it might make it fragil and make it shatter while in use some time.
  7. You might be able to stand it in a roll of duct tape if you get me? I had the same problem and that works for me.

    Happy tokin brah :smoke::smoke::smoke:
  8. ya i thought about it... hopefully when i get home i can post the pictures..
  9. Here's what you can do:

    Go to the glass blower. Take the bong with you. Ask him to blow you another base, similar in size, but possibly a little larger. Get some two part epoxy (Home Depot, Lowe's, Wal-mart will carry something that will do the trick).

    Now, glue the bong and what's left of the old base to the new base with the epoxy. Problem solved. Be sure to let it dry for the recommended time, however. Don't get anxious and use the bong unless it's fully set.

    Also, inform the blower of your plans so he can shape the new base accordingly.

    This is assuming you broke a PIECE off your base and not shattered the whole thing. Without pictures, it's hard to give better advice. Good luck.
  10. ya...

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  11. That's enough to make a grown ass man cry.
  12. i felt it hit my eye i swear to you... well at least i can still use it, just have to lean it on something...
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    Id get something like this but sturdier and put a big ball of super glue on it and stick er to it till she dries. :devious:


    Or maybe, one of those big empty glass candle holders and put it in that. Shouldn't fall over.
  14. The cost of that repair (if it's possible) would likely be more than a new tube.
  15. the candle stand works and ya the guy i talked to is a guy i went t school with so hes going to hook me up

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