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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ShadyLurker, Feb 14, 2009.

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    Hello everybody, i am just starting to grow but i already know a ligit amount to not be posting in the absolute begginners. Anyway, below is a picture of my set-up. i have a 100 watt metal halide (with a 100 watt hps changeable bulb,), 2 27 watt warm white cfl's, and 0ne 15 watt flour grow light as u can see. the temp with all that on is around 80. their are no fans but its not air tight at all, its about 2 feet square, and the lights can all be raised another foot n a halfish. right now im growing 2 fromn bagseed planted on jan. 30 and another which hasnt sprouted yet but should in a day or 2. So does my grow set-up look good???? i will be blogging my grow too.
  2. Looks good so far, but the plant in the back looks a little wilted. Ditch the 15w flower bulb, its doing nothing for your plants. Add a few more 6500K (daylight or bright white)CFLs. You can't have too much light.
  3. GET MORE LIGHTS brah!!:yay:....:smoke:
  4. You started those on Jan 30? What light cycle are you using?
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    i do a 24-0 light cycle for the first 2 weeks then i cut back 2 hours a day for 3 days till its a 18-6 light cycle. ill keep them in vegative growth for as long as they keep growing and look healthy, then im gonna flower them at 12-12 of course.

    i am planning on getting a 6,500k day light cfl, i would have to guess that the plant in the back is over watered but it also has a little root rot i think....stunted growth to mabey
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    Here's my first plant as of today......anyone know what may be wrong with it??? because i would really hate to see it die.
  7. Over watering maybe. If it doesn't improve, you might want to try switching back to 24/24 for a while.
  8. im curious about your plant and 1 little cfl bulb.. I'm watching... :)

    It definately needs the light close to it ASAP.

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