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New and Can't Find Any Grass in Brooklyn!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by VertigoBlaze, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. Hello all,

    I've recently moved to NYC (Brooklyn) from Chicago and have been having the toughest time of acquiring some grass. I've heard of a few delivery services, but they are amuck with paranoia and are fickle about delivery. I have never had such an awful experience with trying to get any until I moved here... the biggest city in the country. Someone please HELP! I am no spy, cop, FBI agent or assassin. You can reach me at I'd appreciate your help and will keep everything confidential. Thanks guys!

  2. Will a mod please come and close this thread?

    *I smell bacon :)
  3. i didnt now brooklyn had grass. . . being it a major city and all i thought it was mostly concrete outside anyways. hahah you must be scared to ask for some green.

    me too
  4. nobody will help you here, its too ontop, just ask some of the stoner looking guys
  5. Guys. The purpose of my post was to say that I've tried everything else. Now, I just need to establish a connection and keep it.
  6. I feel your pain brother, moved to NC about a year ago, and have yet to find a good connection.
    I think most of the comments were in reference to forum rules about asking for hook ups....
    Having spent some time on the West Coast, I can tell you it's a different world, a lot more lax about this kind of thing...
  7. I just moved from NC and YES, it is QUITE difficult to find anything there... but everyone does it. But yeah, the Midwest and the West are surprisingly way more lax with this thing. Which is odd because we're supposed to be the close-minded, uptight conservatives. RIGHT. New York takes the cake.
  8. ha, just what I was thinking
  9. You will have better luck on the street then on here, risky and bacon isn't allowed here!
  10. dude, you haven't tried everything else.
    sucks, but you're probably gonna have to go through some shady shit before you'll find a reliable hook-up there.
  11. Walk up to the first police officer you see and say
    "Good sir! I require some potant marijuana, would you kindly direct me to the nearest seller of such goods?"

    and he will say

    "Thats ok man! I got a ounce of herb right here in my pocket that you can have for free!"

    and you will be a happy man once again.
  12. NVM, you're banned.
  13. Just make some friends that smoke and soon youll have a hookup.
  14. I'm from Canada and the request for weed in Canada is quite common

    You have people driving up to you and asking if you now where to get weed. If I lived in brooklyn I would hook this guy up. Doesn't sound like a cop to me!

  15. well now thats cause your from canada not the usa..... theres a difference in how they enforce the laws down here, especially in the big cities
  16. people here need to realize, when you sign up to be a member of these forums, a big rule is 6. Hookup requests and offers are not allowed. This includes mail order requests and offers.

    anyone asking for them is up for auto-ban:hello:
  17. yo my dude where do u live in brooklyn? i stay smoking that ill piff
  18. yup...
  19. I'm in BK...though yea, find some people that smoke...and you'll find your hookup, there's no shortage of dealers anywhere in metro ny...

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