New amazing $5 pipe.. any name ideas??

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  1. So I just bought a cheap metal pipe last night because I was just kinda getting tired of my glass bowl & the bong, & i seen it for $5 so I picked it up. It hits a lot nicer then my spoon IMO and I like it. Anybody got any name ideas for this new pipe of mine?

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  2. Panth? Like-- a black panther? Heh, not very creative I know... I have yet to name my pipe and it is now a week old (almost)!

    EDIT: Onyx?
  3. name it peen
  4. Night Rider. Your search is done.
  5. The moon rose.

  6. name it THE PIPE
  7. The hummer of Thur.
  8. Black power.
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    I'm diggin that
  10. Lol piping cold in the background. Name it piping cold cus o that
  11. Almost recommended the same! It's punny, but not really funny. But it could work! heh.
  12. i think you should smoke with it for a few, just between you and your new piece. a name will come up eventually x]
    don't think too hard about it, just feel it... if that makes any sense xD
  13. the wrench or sparkplug
  14. "Car Antenna"
  15. I got a lot of thinking to to.. kinda liking Night Rider tho
  16. thors hammer.
  17. Jesus' Gavel
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    yuuuupp lol Thats what I ended up picking, say hello to " the NightRider "
  19. Name it the high five pipe cus it cost 5 bucks and you use it to get baked

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