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  1. Hey guys, recently I have taken to taken snaps of whatever nice sky happens upon my neighborhood and wanted to see what you guys thought. I'm not working with a crazy setup just an Iphone but if anybody is familiar with cameras, I have a decent nikon that I'd love to get in working order.And With 4-8 inches of snow projected for tomorrow hopefully I can get some nice pics. Without further ado here you guys go.


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  2. I have a Nikon 16mp that does a very good job.
    I shoot 10,000 pictures or more a year for the last 10 years.
  3. Nice pics! I take a lot of outdoor pictures when I'm out hiking, mountain biking and skiing. I have gotten some good ones of black bears and moose up close and some good sunsets and mountains
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    Nice dude, some beautiful skys
    photography is a great hobby, makes your enjoy the things you do more.
    i find when i take photos, i think about where i am alot more, and generally appreciate the nature, instead of seeing a tree and the sun, i see a photo opportunity! 
    heres a snap i took in nepal, i loved how the clouds just sweep over the mountain, and how the two people in the picture give a perspective on the size.

    And another i took here in japan of a dormant volcano.

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    IMG_0799.jpg And another i took here in japan of a dormant volcano.

    Love the contrasting blue sky and faint moon in the back. I have a few similar to the mountains in nepal except they were taken on a hike in VA  :lol:

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  6. Yeah, the one i snagged from my dads office is a nikon n75. I think it still uses film cartridges so im not sure whether its worth getting in working order  :huh: .  It also has a pretty big tamron lens attachment. I'm debating going down to my ritz store but they'll probably try to get me to trash it and throw down 200 i dont have on a brand new camera
  7. I used to have the Nikon D3000 but sold it for the panasonic micro four-thirds, think I'm better off this way though. But it's ALWAYS nice to have larger equipment that you can work with to maximize your artistic talents 
  8. you have a good eye you should download an app like instagram for filters or something i find that really helps with the pics on iphone
  9. theyre unbelievable fair play

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  10. They look good, I've just got an iPhone I'm impressed with the camera

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