New alien planets discovered — that could providentially support life.

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  1. Came upon this article today and the idea of a new 'earth' just blew my mind. I think it would be amazing to have a new planet that we could carefully plan seeing as we have already already done enough damage to planet earth.

    It also confirms that alien life has some real credibility.

    Blew my mind anyway and thought it was worth a share. :smoke:

    Read the article.

  2. old. they have found over 350 planets in the inhabitable zone by now
  3. Alien life is likely.
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    ^^ What he said.. This is old news

    Though this planet is in the habitable zone of the star, and is of similar size to earth, and potentially even has oceans, doesn't mean it can support life. If it is habitable, it probably couldn't be colonized by us because of things like different gases in the atmosphere, different magnetic fields, different diseases we don't have here, not to mention that it's larger than Earth which means it has higher gravity, so it would be potentially not possible to live in a different gravity.

    For example astronauts have found, that in zero gravity for extended periods, even with exercise muscle and bone begin to wither away.

    Imagine the difference on a pregnancy on a planet with different gravity like this, it may not be born properly, or somehow the different gases you've been breathing in from the atmosphere other than oxygen have become toxic to the fetus.

    In conclusion I will say that if you take into consideration the Drake equation for example, it's likely there is many planets that have life on them, which have adapted to live in such an environment that wouldn't necessarily be suitable for us.

    Now that I think about it, Avatar is a good example of what it wold have to be like, you'd have to have pressurized suits and oxygen tanks, but it's perfectly suitable for the natives, and they are also larger, likely due to a larger planet size, meaning more gravity. I didn't see them take this into account in he movie on the humans, but who knows.
  5. THIS IS INSANE!!! I never knew their were actual planets just like earth. I'm definantly a believer in alien life now, maybe even intelligent life!
  6. That doesn't mean it can't support life. Mars can support life if we want it to. Biodomes, and figuring out a way to get around gravity.
  7. i bet it has dinosaurs its like a past earth

  8. I would rather live on Earth than in a biodome with Pauly Shore

  9. fuck man, thats an excellent point, never thought of that.

  10. You didn't read my entire post...
  11. The drake equation has barely any science in it, the only part is the birth rate of new stars in a galaxy per year. Will a proper habitable planet be hard to find... yes. Once we find one close enough certain aspects of terraformation are not beyond our ability.
  12. I'm not referring the Drake equation as fact, nor do I believe it 100 percent correct. I'm referring to it as an example of how through mathematics and basic common sense, be can figure there is likely other life out there.
  13. 35 light years away seems pretty far tho, we'd need whole generations born on board the ship like in battlestar gallactica. they should srsly also look into newer and better ways to travel, like stargates... now thats awesome
  14. The way life developed is governed by the world around it. Just because something here won't work over there doesn't mean nothing will work over there. The only reason why life looks the way it does on Earth is becuase of the conditions we live in.
  15. So where's the plants???
  16. Old news my friend. But that doesn't make it any less interesting.

  17. Yeah, but I think he was saying just because the planet might appear to have the right conditions, doesn't mean humans can live on it. But your point is right, scientists have shown how life can adapt to whatever surroundings.

    Yes, these kind of planets might harbor life, but they rely on a whole different cycle of living. For example, we breathe oxygen to live, yet they might breathe methane to live.
  18. dude venus may have had life on it billions of years ago... can you fucking imagine? What if there were human like species on venus dealing with the same global warming, running out of fuel, and nuclear war bullshit? look what happened to them. could that happen to earth in the next billion years??? *head explodes*
  19. I wonder what it would be like to fuck an alien? Do they even have fuck holes?

  20. Maybe "inhabitable" for Humans, but aliens would be nothing like humans, so it being inhabitable wouldn't mean shit :p

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