New Alice in chains

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  1. Anybody like them a lot? I think the new album is great. Nothing compared to their old albums like dirt, but I think it's good
  2. Black turns to blue, I get it, I get it, they keep a lot of passion from tearing the music industry apart, I'm not saying they are the best, but they know what to do to keep things alive.
  3. Duvall's good but he's no Layne.
  4. yea i agree completely
  5. Very true. Seen em live once and im going again soon and seeing them live with duvall is still very awesome. Sounds perfectly grungy.
  6. Im a big Alice fan but as far as there new album goes i think its ok. Ive always liked there more rockin stuff and black gives way to blue doesnt have alot of that. Facelift was my favorite album it kicked ass all the way through, but i think duvall does a good job capturing that alice sound but like yall said hes no layne.
  7. I'm probably the biggest AIC fan out there, and I think Black Gives Way to Blue is a decent album, but nowhere near their best. It's pretty much a Jerry Cantrell solo album. DuVall isn't bad, but like others have said, he doesn't compare to Layne. I personally miss Layne's songwriting, his songs were different, very dark and had it's own style.
  8. I disagree I believe that it is their best album because it uses inspiration that has gathered over many years of experience from the band members, and for me it has a very deep impact pertaining to Layne Stanleys death and the general situation of the world in the moment continued.
  9. It ain't bad but like others have said, duvall is good but hes not layne ><

    man in the box was one of my fav songs in the 90s

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